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Your Website Is Dead If…

In this competitive world of online marketing,it is not sufficient to just have a website alone.Rather,the most important element of a website for its success is its freshness and maintenance.If you notice,all of those companies whose revenues are entirely dependent on their websites would update their web pages regularly.In other words we can say, if you really want to get business from your website,then don’t let it die.A website is considered to be dead when:

#1 It has out-dated information/content

Outdated content: Website development

Very often, you must have come across several websites that contain old/out-dated information about their products,services or the company itself.A website having obsolete content is bad not only for the users’ experience but it also affects the company’s brand image.

Just imagine yourself landed on a website to buy some flowers but when you call on their number provided on the website, it says the number no longer exists.Or when you try to buy the flowers from this website and go to checkout page, you notice that they no longer accepts online payments.Will you ever think to do business with this company again even if they launch a new & perfect website?Obviously,no one would want to.

#2 It has outdated codes

Outdated codes in website design

With the ever-changing web technologies,it is imperative for every website to comply with the latest & standard codes in order to provide the best surfing experience to the users.

A website having obsolete codes will have symptoms like slow download speed,text alignment issue,over stretched/squeezed size of images/texts on latest browsers etc.If you realize your website has outdated codes,then you must consider redesigning your website and make it alive.

#3 It fails to comply with latest browsers

Browser Compatibility: Web Development

Again,because of the obsolete codes,when your website is not able to render well on new browsers or their latest versions,then it is a symptom of a dead website because no user would like to spend their time browsing around a website which doesn’t open well on their browsers.

#4 It can’t respond to smart devices

Mobile Responsive Website Design

More and more people have started using their smart devices these days because they want to access the information on-the-go; due to which most of the modern websites are being developed with responsive codes to cater the huge share of mobile users.However there are still many websites which seem lousy when they are opened on mobile devices because the users can’t view them properly and this is the reason such websites have high bounce ratio too.If your website doesn’t open & fit well on mobile devices,then it’s the time to redesign your website now.
In the new era of digital marketing,websites are built not merely to have an online presence but they are developed with an objective of increasing the company’s revenue and therefore serious webmasters must never take their websites for granted.