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Why every ecommerce business needs a blog

If you’re running an eCommerce business, focusing on delivering high-quality products at attractive rates is definitely vital but having a blog is equally imperative too! Just having an eCommerce web design won’t do wonders alone.

You must incorporate some promotional activities for your eCommerce website as well. Blogging is one of the best promotional activities that you can do for your eCommerce website. Here are 4 amazing things that a blog can do for your eCommerce business.


#1 Drive traffic

When you start blogging, you get a lot of opportunities to talk about your products in an interesting way.No matter how good your products or services are, people will notice them only when they are served on a presentable platter and this is what a blog can do for you.

While talking about your specific products or services, you can always specify a reason for your users to buy them and provide them with a link to your eCommerce portal.

It’s not only about nice write-ups, but a blog can bring a good amount of traffic from search engines as well. We all know that search engines especially Google loves fresh content which could be in the form of blog or news.

When you blog regularly, your posts get cached in search engine indexes quickly which increases the chances of showing them up in the search engines for the targeted keywords.

#2 Convince your visitors

When you write a blog on any of your products or services and talk about them in detail (for eg. Advantages, uniqueness, etc.), it increases the chances of getting your visitors convinced to buy your products.

Telling your product stories in an interesting way also develops curiosity among users to know more about them and thereby increases the clicks to the product pages of your eCommerce website.

A simple listing of products on an eCommerce website may not do wonders but when you talk about them in your blog, it can definitely increase the sale of your company.

#3 Show your uniqueness

In the world of tough competition, when everyone is talking about their products and services, you definitely need an effective platform to promote your products. A blog can be one of your best-selling platforms if you maintain it & write regularly about your products.

Some of the other eCommerce portals might have already been able to create waves among the crowd. If you need to outperform your competitors and earn the goodwill of customers, blogs will be of immense help.

You will have to define your brand in a unique way in order to entice customers and create your own space in the market. Creative blogs with impeccable content will help you achieve this with greater ease.

#4 Build your database

For an eCommerce business to be successful, you need to have a sound database of targeted audiences. You can achieve to build a huge database of your targeted customers with the help of a blog.

You can ask your web developer to incorporate the subscription module on your eCommerce website so that the users can easily subscribe to your blog and next time they will receive a notification when you post a new blog story.

You can also use this customer database for sending out emails for promotions & offers that you may run from time to time.