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What Is CMS And Which CMS Is Best

Content Management System or CMS is a software through which one can create,organize and edit the content of a website easily & without having any technical knowledge.CMS is very useful (or better say mandatory) for those websites which need to be updated frequently because it can save thousands of dollars of hiring a web designer for updating the webpages each time.

Wordpress CMS Web Design

When we talk about most popular CMS available today,Wordpress is the first choice for most of the entrepreneurs & small businesses.In this blog,we have listed few important reasons why you must choose WordPress as a CMS software for your website.

#1 Easy to Use Interface

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS for website development & it allows you to manage the content and design of the website so easily that you can update your website in few minutes.Even if you are not a web designer,you can easily switch over the designs and change the look & feel of your website in few minutes.

#2 SEO

No matter how good a website design is,its not worth unless the website is ranked on higher positions of search engines & attracts good amount of traffic.To rank a website on higher positions,it needs to be optimized for search engines.Most of the search engines love WordPress websites because of its coding structure & therefore having a website using WordPress makes it easier for you to get positioned on search engines.

#3 Scheduling Features

WordPress CMS allows you to schedule the content publishing on your website according to your requirements.For eg. if you want to publish a special content on a specific date & time of the month,you can schedule it easily with the help of WordPress.

#4 Free to Use

The biggest benefit of WordPress web design is that its free to use.You don’t need to pay any amount to purchase this CMS software or to maintain it.All you need to do is download the WordPress folder and deploy it on your website server.Some of the web hosting companies also provide free WordPress installation in few steps which means you can setup a professional website in less than 30 minutes and most importantly,without any cost.Isn’t this unbelievable & amazing!

#5 Free Plugins & Themes

Plugins are a bunch of codes that you can install on your WordPress website to extend its functionality.There are several plugins available for every feature.You name it and you can find it in the WordPress plugins directory.Be it SEO,Payment Gateways,Free Chat,Sliders,Community or Forums,you can find a suitable WordPress plugin for your website.Most of the plugins are available free of cost however there are several premium(paid) plugins as well.Similarly,you can find lots of free and premium themes available for you to install on your WordPress website to enhance or change its look and feel.

#6 Availability of Web Designers

Since WordPress is one of the most popular CMS open sources available today,there is no scarcity of WordPress web designers just in case you need them.Although,most of the small businesses manage their WordPress websites in-house but if you need to customize some of the features of your existing website,you may require to hire an affordable web designer who can make necessary changes in the plugins of your website.The WordPress designers are available easily and you an hire them at an affordable price.