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30 Website Design Checklist

Having a website design checklist in place helps web designers to do their job efficiently and make their lives easier as well. This checklist is very helpful, especially in the case of a website launch where there are lots of complications like designing prototypes, developing codes, and testing the final output.

website redesign check

Here are a few checklists/points that every website design company must follow in order to make the website launch a sure shot of success:

Website Codes Validation

This is one of the most important checkpoints which must be followed by every web designer to make sure that the website codes are standardized. While checking for codes validity, a web designer must make sure to have below points in place:

#1 HTML Validation
#2 Javascript Validation
#3 CSS Validation
#4 Browser Compatibility

SEO Metrics

Making sure about SEO metrics on a website is very important for every website designer because it can either promote or ruin the website. Below are a few of the points which must be taken care of:

#5 Meta Tags Optimization primarily Title Tags, Meta Description, and Keywords
#6 Image & Video Optimization
#7 Website Loading Time
#8 Canonicalization
#9 Ensuring no Duplicities
#10 Sitemap Creation
#11 Mobile Responsiveness
#12 Robots.txt
#13 Important tags like H1,H2 etc.

Website Security Checks

#14 Secured Pages must be Non-Accessible to Anonymous Users
#15 All Sensitive Pages like Payment Pages etc. must be on Secured Layer

Final Touch

Few minor but very important points to have in place:

#16 Favicon
#17 Create custom 404/error pages

Content Style

#18 Font Consistency
#19 Capitalization
#20 Spelling and Grammar
#21 Check for incorrect punctuation like quotation marks, hyphens, colons, etc.
#22 Proper Bullet Lists
#23 Font style Consistency with Web Branding
#24 Ensuring there is No Test Content
#25 Ensure there is No Password Protection

Website Performance Tests

Before launching any website, a web designer must make sure of below performance tests:

#26 Load Test
#27 Check Image Optimization
#28 Proper 301 Redirection in case of Website Redesign
#29 Compress Javascript/CSS
#30 Check & Implement Caching