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Top 7 Web Design Myths

In the past blogs, we shared some advices and tips on web design and checklist to design a website. In this blog,we are going to share some myths about website designing.Having experience of more than 10 years in the web design industry,we have noticed that there are lot of myths among people with regard to website design and we have listed down top 7 myths about website design.

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Web Design Myth #1: Its all about design

Although,a web design of any website is an important aspect but at the same time its not the only one.We must admit that in order to retain users on the website,a website must have interactive features, and easy to use structure because design is more than just graphics,fonts and colors.An ideal website must be built considering the usability of webpages for the users.

Advice: In order to have maximum users retention on your webpages,a great content in place and should be prioritized above the web design.

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 Myth #2:
Users and you have same outlook

Usually when we design any website or get the website developed by any web design company Singapore, we assume that whatever we see and whatever point of view we have for the website,the same would be for the users as well but this is partially wrong.We may ignore some of the crucial elements of the website but users will always want a best website to view because they have huge option(your competitors) to go with.So in order to retain your users on your website and restrict them to go to your competitors’ websites, make sure that you think from the users point of view.

Advice: Get as many as test rounds of the website as possible by different people you know because different users may have different opinions about the website and the best way is to engage a layman to view and test the website.

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 Myth #3: Users read the whole information

As we shared above that content on the website is more important than the website design but at the same time,we would like to add that the content on the webpages must not be too lengthy so that the users can scan and read it quickly.The users will not spend much time on your website because they tend to scan the webpages and try to fetch their desired information as quickly as possible so it is advisable that a website must have brief but complete summary of your company,products or services.

Advice : Try to use only important information on the webpages.Pointers & Bullets are great ways to show your desired content in presentable format.

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 Myth #4: Success is overnight

Most of the webmasters & companies think that once a nice and attractive website is built,it will guarantee success and that too overnight which is quite impossible.Here,we would like to add that a nice website (conversion-oriented,adequate information,sufficient call-to-actions,integrated measurable analytic etc.) does require a lot of effort to complete in every aspect.The success of a website doesn’t solely depend on the nice web design but also many other factors and therefore this myth should be busted by understanding the fact that even after a website completion,its a long way to go for success.

Advice: Make sure that a website must have all the important elements like call-to-actions,nice content,great landing pages,analytic code integrated.After this all that it requires is patience & persistency.

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 Myth #5: Big fonts help users to stay

In our vast experience,we have noticed many websites especially that of a blogger or consultant that they use big bold fonts to attract the attention of the users and use heavy color graphics and buttons to attract(but in real sense ‘irritate’) the visitors.The users in the modern age doesn’t get attractive towards big fonts and heavy colors;instead all that users want is great information on the website which they are looking for along with an easy way to contact the company.

Advice: Try to use as minimum big fonts and multi-color graphics as possible so that users can stay on your website with great interest and an intention to read the content on your website.

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 Myth #6: Flash makes website good

Gone are the days when using flash graphics was one of the lucrative methods to let the users stay on your website but now the fact is that if your website have flash intros and movies,the website loading speed could be affected adversely and thereby encouraging users to quit your website immediately and start looking for another option (precisely your competitors).So if you want want your users to stay on your website,try to use minimum or no flash at all.The heavy flash movies and intros are not good for search engines too and this is the reason that most of the SEO companies would train their web designers on how they can use alternative platform of flash.

Advice: If you really want to show nice animations on your website,we suggest to go for JQuery script built animations which is a good alternative of flash.

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 Myth #7: A website should be launched after testing on computers

Most of the web designers & developers would just check the website on their own systems with different browsers but never think of other possibilities as well.Every web designer must make sure that each website he builds must be compatible with all the major browsers which are being used by most of the users and should not rely just on their own system’s browsers.Some of the major browsers to name are Internet Explorer(in the latest version and previous versions as well),Google Chrome,Firefox,Safari etc.

Advice: There are lots of online tools available to check the browser compatibility of the websites which web designers and developers can use because they all come with no price at all.