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Time For Your Website Checkup:Tips by Web Designer Singapore

With the ever-changing algorithms and updates of search engines like Google, it is imperative to make sure that your website is performing well.

Therefore, we recommend that you must have a regular checkup of your website and at the same time we understand that it is sometimes not affordable for small companies to hire web designers on regular basis. So we are here to share some of the best tools through which you can check the performance status of your website yourself.

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Website Checkup #1 Loading Speed

This a very important checkup for your website in order to make sure that all the users are able to access your website easily and quickly. In the modern age of 3G & 4G, users have become impatient and expect every webpage to be downloaded in less than a few seconds.

Studies show that an average web user would wait for up to 6 seconds and if the website is not downloaded within this timeframe, they tend to quit the website immediately. Therefore you must make sure that your web designer has used optimized codes for CSS, JavaScript & images.

You don’t need to worry if you are not technical because you can check the website speed on your own without the help of any technical staff. You may simply open a web-based tool like Pingdom and test your website speed.

If your website takes more than 6 seconds to download, you may consider this as an alert to get the speed issue fixed.

Takeaway #1: Web-based tool to check website speed-http://tools.pingdom.com

Website Checkup #2 Malicious Codes

Malicious codes are set of scripts that are intended to cause security breaches or damage to a system. Broadly speaking, a malicious code could be in the form of viruses, worms, Malicious codes, or Trojan horses.

Malicious code can do anything on your website like writing some messages, deleting some of the files, generating sound on the website, and sometimes stopping some or all of the applications running on your website.

If any website is affected by malicious codes, it may show an error message like “This site may harm your computer”.So, before its too late, you must make sure that you have a regular checkup of your website for harmful malicious codes.

Takeaway #2: Web-based tool to check malicious codes on website-http://www.urlvoid.com

Website Checkup #3 Broken Links

Any link which shows up as a dead page or 404 (page not found) error, is considered a broken link. There could be several reasons for a broken link however the most common reason for a broken link is the missing page to which the link is connected.

A broken link would affect not only users’ experience badly but also affects the search engine rankings of your website. Therefore you must make sure to check your website regularly for broken links. There are many free tools available out there for web designers to test a website for broken links. One of the most popular and effective tools is XENU.

Takeaway #3: Web-based tool to check broken links-http://xenus-link-sleuth.en.softonic.com/

Website Checkup #4 Spelling & Grammar Mistakes

Studies show that a website may lose business due to bad English or Grammar mistakes in the content(especially in Europe & America).

So whenever you add new pages/blogs on your website, you must make sure that you check the language very carefully. There are a few tools available to help you to check the spelling and grammar mistakes on your web pages.

Takeaway #4: Tool to check spelling & grammar mistakes on website-http://spellcheckplus.com

Website Checkup #5 Browser Compatibility

With an endless flow of updated versions of old browsers and upcoming new browsers, every web designer must make sure to build a website that is cross-browser compatible. It doesn’t end with the designers’ confirmation because you can also keep checking your website for different browsers by using several tools available for you to check.

If your website doesn’t support any of the major browsers, then you must be losing lots of visitors and sales as well. So, in order to avoid these losses, you must make sure to ask your web design company to run a test for your website for browser compatibility.

Takeaway #5: Tool to check browser compatibility of website-http://crossbrowsertesting.com

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and you will definitely care about your website when it comes to its regular checkup.