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Template Website Design-Pros & Cons

Using website templates is not a new concept now.

During the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of websites that have been built using readymade web templates. But is it worth purchasing a website template to develop a website or custom website design is still a better choice?

In this blog post, we are going to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of using website templates.

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Advantages of using website templates

#1 Accurate Output

With the website templates, you get the accuracy of the output because they are readymade and the whole structure of your website design is in front of you and you don’t need to imagine their look and feel. If you hire web designers, they can assist you to modify them a bit in terms of colors, logo, etc. so that it looks different from the original version. This job could be done at a very affordable price.

#2 Completion Time

When you decide to choose ready-made templates for your website design, you can be assured of the fast completion time of your website. Even if your web developers would customize the theme of your template, it would be easier & fast as compared to the custom website design.

#3 Variety

There are thousands of website designs on each template portal which makes it easier for you to select among the available options however in the case of custom website design, your website designer would produce 2 or 3 layouts for you to select. Therefore, from a choice point of view,pre-designed templates are much better than custom web design.

#4 Cost

Since all of the website templates have already been designed and made available on the templates portal, they are available at a much cheaper price as compared to the custom web design. For eg. In some of the portals like template monster.com, you could easily buy a website template for as low as $60.

Disadvantages of using website templates

#1 Lack of uniqueness

Since the majority of the website templates available on the template portals have been used by other webmasters or companies already, they lack exclusive rights for your company, or in other words, you can’t get unique website designs when you buy readymade website templates from portals. In the case of custom web design, you always get the exclusive website design for your company.

Therefore, if you have an appropriate budget and you wish to maintain your corporate branding, you must opt for a custom website design rather than a template website.

#2 Limited scope of customization

All of the website templates have pre-defined structures and elements which leaves a very limited scope of customization for you in the future. However, in the case of custom website design, you can always modify your website as per your requirements. So, if you intend to grow your website features in the future, you should always start your website using custom web design services.

#3 Lack of SEO

Most of the readymade templates are built using huge graphics and flash elements in order to make them attractive which makes them non-friendly for search engines especially Google due to the slow loading speed.

As we all know that search engines don’t love websites that take time to load, a website should have optimized loading speed and it could be achieved easily when your website has been designed using custom web design services.

Looking at the facts above, we could conclude that template website designing is good for startups or small companies who don’t bother about branding their business however custom web design should be preferred if one needs to maintain the business branding.