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Reasons of e-Commerce website failure

Setting up an e-Commerce website is easier, faster, and inexpensive but getting revenue from it is comparatively challenging.

The success of an e-Commerce business entirely depends on the efficiency of its website. e-Commerce entrepreneurs must make sure that their websites are efficient enough to drive sales and must possess all the required qualities of encouraging visitors to buy products/services.

In this blog, we will share a few bad qualities of an e-Commerce website that could lead the business to a gateway of failure. So if you own an e-Commerce website and want to succeed in this business, you must make sure that your website must not have any of these bad qualities.

Bad Quality #1: Poor Quality Images


Having poor-resolution images on an e-Commerce website is as bad as having defective products in a shop. Would anyone want to buy a bad quality/defective product from a shop? Of course, not. The same is the case with e-Commerce websites as well. Therefore you must make sure that all the products should be displayed in higher quality resolution.

Various studies have proved that an e-Commerce website that has higher resolution images for all the products, is able to capture about 50% more sales as compared to websites that have poor quality images. You can seek the help of a professional web design company that can help you to resize and upload high-resolution images without affecting the bandwidth of the website.

Bad Quality #2: Complicated Checkout


Having a complicated checkout process on an e-Commerce website leads to an increase in the order abandonment rate. Therefore, the website should have an easy checkout system with a clear indication of the number of steps involved in the final order purchase. Most of the time, the users like the products and add them to their cart but when they checkout, they see a lot of complex steps before they can pay finally, and therefore they prefer to quit.

We must understand that internet users are really short of time and at the same time have plenty of options(your competitors) to buy their desired products. The website checkout process must be simple for users to understand and must have a clear indication of how many steps a user has to go through in order to complete the purchase.

The good thing is that there are lots of free modules available these days that could help your e-Commerce web developers to incorporate 1-step checkout.

Bad Quality #3: Inability to Assist Users to Decide


An e-Commerce website must be built with the objective to assist the users in make-up their minds & encourage them to purchase the products that they are looking for.

If you see great & successful e-Commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, they have a fantastic system to help users to buy the products by showing them the reviews & ratings of each product. The users feel confident when they read what others have to say about the quality of products that they intend to buy.

Therefore, it is always recommended to have the feedback of existing customers for each product on your website. By incorporating these features, you will see an increase in the conversion ratio of your e-commerce website by almost 35%. There are lots of modules available these days that your e-Commerce web developer can integrate with your website.

Bad Quality #4: Inability to Up-sell


As an e-Commerce entrepreneur, you must make sure that your website should have some great selling elements like ‘Recommended Products’,’ Users Also Purchased This’, ‘Accessories for Your Chosen Products’, etc. Again, if you see successful websites like Amazon, they have incorporated up-selling features with every product very nicely which encourages their users to buy more products than what they had initially planned.

Bad Quality #5: Inability to Get Traffic


One of the reasons for an e-commerce website failure is the lack of shoppers on the website. Even if you have strong design elements and all the features in place on your website but less or no traffic at all, then there could be possibilities that your business will face losses sooner or later.

The key to success in an online business is to have a good flow of traffic to the website which could be done through various activities. For all the e-Commerce & online business entrepreneurs, it is essential to go for effective traffic-generation plans like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, or social media marketing.

SEO(search engine optimization) & SEM(search engine marketing) will help your website to get on top positions of search engines for the keywords on which your targeted users are searching your products or services and SMM(social media marketing) will help your website to gain traffic from social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you make sure to avoid the above bad qualities on your e-Commerce website, you are definitely going to see great results!