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OpenCart or Magento:Which one for your ecommerce web design

If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling to decide on best ecommerce open source to develop and launch an ecommerce website,then it is very important for you to understand the difference between major ecommerce open sources.In this blog post,we are going to share difference between Magento & Open Cart.Both of these open sources are considered to be the best platforms to develop an ecommerce web design efficiently.


Before we talk about the differences in Open Cart & Magento,lets take a look over at some of their similarities.Both of these ecommerce open platforms are ultimately designed to facilitate ecommerce solutions.Both of them are built using PHP & use template based designs which can be easily operated by non-programmers as well.Both of them offer several free & paid extensions which can be installed and used for enhancement of online store’s functionality.Above all,both of these ecommerce platforms can online stores with different languages and currency options which makes them one of the favourite choices for most of the businesses at an international level.

The major differences between Magento & Open Cart

#1 Features

When it comes to features and advance functionalities,Magento has an upper hand over Open Cart.You think about any ecommerce feature and Magento has a solution for it.At the same time,since Magento has gained recognition at a global level,the community size of Megento is definitely bigger than Open Cart.Open Cart is loved by several startups because of it’s easy-to-use interface for both users and webmaster.

#2 Hosting

Choosing a best hosting plan for your ecommerce website is equally important as choosing a best open source platform.If you choose Magento for your ecommerce web design,you must bare in mind that Magento tends to consume lot of resourcs which means that you will need to subscribe with the premium web hosting package in order to support your online store.Open Cart on the other hand doesn’t require such a huge web hosting requirement.An ecommerce website built using Open Cart  can be hosted easily on any shared web hosting plan however when it comes to Magento,forget about a shared web hosting plan and you may need to go for a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan.

#3 SEO

If we talk about SEO,Open Cart is way being Magento.Yes,an Open Cart software does come with SEO-friendly URLs structure but thats not all for SEO however in case of Magento,you have several SEO features like canonical URL structuring,meta data,301 URLs and lot more.Open Cart is still in its infant stage of providing SEO friendly ecommerce web design.

#4 Community Support

As mentioned in point #1 as well,Magento does come with huge community support which means you can find answer to almost every problem if you signup with Magento community.Not only this,you will also notice that Magento has accredited many of the members as Magento certified programmers who can provide you with a professional advice/solution to your problems related to Magento online store.However, if we talk about ecommerce developers,you can easily find both Open Cart web developers & Magento web developers in the market.

Considering all the points above,we can easily draw a line of conclusion that if you are a new startup and want to setup your ecommerce website within your budget,then you can definitely go with Open Cart however if you already owns an ecommerce website and wish to expand it with loads of features and functions,then Magento would be a good choice for you.

We sincerely hope that this blog post will help you to decide between Magento and Open Cart for your upcoming ecommerce website.No matter whichever you choose,we wish you a best of luck for your business!