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Increase Your Sales in 2015 with Web Analytics

An undeniable fact: Your website can help you to increase your online sales. We all know about this. But the challenge lies in following the right approach to achieve maximum sales through your website.

In this blog, we are going to share some tips for using your website as one of your best salespersons by getting regular feedback from it and improving it gradually.

One of the important tools for measuring the performance of a website is Web Analytics through which you can analyze the behavior of your website visitors and take necessary action.

Unfortunately, most online business owners are not aware of the advantages of web analytic tools or don’t take full advantage of these tools.

Below are some of the great things which you can analyze by using web analytic tools and improve the conversion rate of your website.

#1 Analyze how users are accessing your website


A web analytic tool can provide you with the figures of users who access your website through desktop, mobile, or tablet. If your maximum users access your website through their mobile devices, then you must make sure that you have a responsive website in place for them so that the majority of your visitors are viewing your website properly.

If your website is outdated & not capable of capturing modern device users, then this may be the right time to redesign your website.

#2 Analyze the location of your visitors


By analyzing the location of your website visitors, you can be sure that your online marketing activities are being carried out efficiently and that you are not wasting your marketing dollars.

For eg., if you provide local service in Singapore but the majority of your website visitors are from Malaysia or Indonesia, then this is an alert for you to check your online marketing activities and make sure that you should have most of your website traffic from Singapore only. Again, this can be analyzed and rectified with the help of web analytic tools.

#3 Analyze the bounce rate


Very important analysis to be done for your website regularly.The more the bounce rate your website has; the more customers you are losing and giving away to your competitors. It’s always a good idea to use great landing pages in order to reduce the bounce rate of visitors to your website.

The landing page on your website must be efficient enough to retain your visitors on the website for a longer time. So a web analytic tool can help you to analyze the bounce rate of visitors on your website and thereby providing you an indication to consult your web designer to optimize your landing page.

#4 Analyze Call-to-Actions


With the various enhancements in web analytic tools, now you can easily evaluate & compare the performance of different call-to-action elements on your website and can take corrective measures to improve the poor-performing ones.

Most web analytic tools provide scripts for capturing the traffic data on call-to-action elements like buttons, emails, phone calls, searches, etc. Just make your new resolution for the year 2015 to have effective call-to-action methods on your website to increase sales.

#5 Analyze your customers’ choice


A web analytic tool can provide you with data on keywords associated with the search function on your website so that you can evaluate the most searched product/service on your website. This data can further help you to improve the range of your products and services to have maximum sales this year 2015.