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Importance of product reviews on ecommerce websites

While buying any product online,you must have encountered those orange/gold stars which encourage you to read existing customers’ reviews about the product that you intend to buy.Can you recall how important were those reviews to know actual performance of your desired product and the role they played in making up your decision to buy that product?Same applies to your products too.Are you planning to set up an ecommerce website for your business or do you already have an online store but you are still wondering whether you should include product reviews feature on your website or not?If yes,then you must continue reading this blog post.


The importance of product reviews on ecommerce websites can’t be underestimated because these reviews play an important role in making customer purchase decisions.Just like any other elements of an online store,product reviews also have a very strong influence on increase in conversions.Unfortunately,most of the merchants don’t understand its importance.In this blog,we are going to share why product reviews are important and how should a merchant handle them.


Why Product Reviews Matter

Ecommerce giants like Amazon and EBay have been using product reviews since 1997.Most of the customers even say that they might not be able to buy the products from ecommerce websites in the absence of product reviews especially in case of newly launched products.

Majorly,product reviews can help ecommerce websites in following ways:

#1 Helps to sell products

No doubt,when new potential customers are not able to make their purchase decisions to buy from an ecommerce website especially in case of newly launched business/website,product reviews from existing customers help them a lot to decide and go ahead with buying the products.In absence of product reviews,it could be very easy for potential customers to lose confidence and quit the website easily.

#2 Increase in customer loyalty

When new customers buy products from an ecommerce website and they are being asked to rate and review the products that they had purchased,they feel as if they’re part of your brand or important to your business,which increases loyalty.

#3 SEO

With product reviews and ratings on an ecommerce website,search engines start loving it.This is because of the rich keyword oriented reviews text by the customers as well as the ratings (1 to 5).The more reviews and ratings an ecommerce website has on its webpages,the higher would be the chances for this website to appear on higher positions of search engines.

How to manage negative reviews

When you keep the doors opened for your customers to write reviews on your ecommerce website on products & services, it is likely that some of them may had bad experiences with your products and they would write negative reviews.But you shouldn’t worry about those negative reviews because ironically it will do nothing but increase the credibility of your business because a product having 100% positive reviews look biased and manipulated but if your product reviews show both positive and negative reviews,it looks natural and biased.However you must make sure that out of every 10 reviews,only 2 or 3 reviews should be negative otherwise it could damage the product’s reputation.