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Handy Tips for Website Design

Today, millions of people spend most of their time browsing the websites for one reason or the other. When you start your own website, you have to make sure that you are able to attract at least a good percentage of this audience. If you are planning to have a website for your business, you need to pay even more attention. A leap in the right direction might win you a fortune but a wrong step might push you into a deep grave from where moving out might be a hard row to hoe. Here are 9 website design tips that would come handy while designing a website.

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Easy-to-remember URL

The URL of your website should be impressive and easy-to-remember. Long URLs with complicated spellings are tough to remember. Choosing a name that is related to the contents of the website or something that entices the web users would be ideal.

Easy navigation

People visiting your website should not find it hard to toggle between sections on the pages. The different sections of the website should be arranged in a prompt manner with easy to use tabs. If the users find it hard to shift between pages on the website, they might close the page and leave. Winning back an unhappy visitor wouldn’t be an easy task.

Enhanced visibility

When you put up a website on the internet, your website is just one among millions of others. You need to make sure that the name of your website is listed on the search results of major search engines. If the visibility of your website is not enhanced, you will find it hard to promote your website. You can seek the aid of companies handling Search Engine Optimization to get this part taken care of.

Browser compatibility

When you discuss about your requirements with a web design company, you need to talk to them regarding the compatibility of the website with all sorts of browsers available. Not all users would be using the same type of browser and hence you need to design a website that works well with all possible browsers.

Updated content

The content of your website should always be up-to-date. You need to keep adding meaningful information periodically in order to win the attention of major search engines and also the regular audience.

Consistent Layout

The web designer you choose should help you with a consistent layout for the website. You can also provide ideas to the designers and ask them to bring in necessary improvements from time to time related to the overall layout.

Meaningful Content

You should not try to fill the pages of your website with junk content or fillers. Even if you have very little info to portray on the website but wants to keep it filled, do not include content that is totally unnecessary. However little the content you have, include it in the best manner with no room for baloney.

Easy downloads

The pages of the website should load easily. People live in a very fast paced world today and no one is patient enough to see the page loading sign displayed on their screens. Hence, try to include minimum amounts of graphics and other elements in your home page unless it is absolutely necessary.

Security Assurance

You might have to accept payments and personal information of your business prospects through your website. You need to provide the inclusion of encrypted pages using Secure Socket Layer in order to accept sensitive customer centric information. Secure browsing facilities is vital in order to attract a large number of users to your website. Hence, you need to mention the need for the same when you assign the task to a web design agency.

Use all these tips while designing your website, if you want it to be good enough to sail through the busy world of internet!