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5 Reasons For Ecommerce Websites to Have Blog

Do you want traffic to your eCommerce website? Blogging is a great way to build your audience & generate more traffic and sales for your eCommerce business.

In this blog post, we are going to share why you must have a blog on your eCommerce website and what are the major benefits of having a blog.


#1 Content Crawling

Blogs play an important role in getting your website content crawled by search engine spiders frequently which helps your webpages to get indexed in the search engines.

Your blog content gets crawled even more effectively when it has links to other blog posts/webpages within your eCommerce website because it helps search crawlers to travel within the webpages conveniently & quickly.

However, at the same time, you must make sure that the quality of your content should be good and that the links must be appropriate. If you ensure the quality of your blog content, your website will definitely have a higher chance of climbing up the search engine rankings.

#2 Start Discussions on Your Customer Problems

One of the greatest advantages of having a blog on your eCommerce website is that you can post a blog based on any of the problems that your customers have been facing and write appropriate solutions for them.

This strategy will not only help your existing customers to get a solution but will also build confidence among prospective customers to buy products from you because they know that you take care of your customers’ worries. Got an idea? Start blogging on the most frequently faced problems by your customers now!

#3 Write About  New Product Launch

A blog can also serve as a platform to launch your new products. Start writing the features and benefits of your upcoming products so that your customers eagerly wait for the launch day. However, to create such excitement among your customers, you must make sure that you blog regularly and that your customers visit your website quite often.

#4 Get Viral

Having a blog and publishing great stories help you to get viral because people love sharing interesting information. Write on something exciting and see your content going viral within a few hours or days depending upon the subscriber base of your blog. This also means that your readers help you to promote your stories through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

#5 Become Authority

Last but not the least, having a blog for your eCommerce website helps you to become an authority in your niche. People are looking for experts to take care of their needs in a professional way.

Regular blogging helps you to emerge as an authority in your industry and encourage your prospective customers to seek your professional advisor who can easily end up buying your products or services.