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Ecommerce Web Design Tips To Get More

With huge competition and still growing everyday,every ecommerce business needs to think about its growth.When we talk about growth of any ecommerce website,the first and foremost thing which comes to mind is its design.Yes,an ecommerce web design is one of the most important factors which help businesses to beat the competition and grow.


In this blog,we have shared 7 important web design tips to get more sales for your business.Let’s talk about them.

#1 eCommerce Design Layout

The layout of an ecommerce website must be as simple as possible in order to make the buying experience of your users convenient.Your visitors must be able to browse the webpages swiftly and find their desired products in simple steps.If you make the buying process complicated,don’t forget that there are many other options for your customers to go with.So if you don’t take care of their convenience,you competitors will.

#2 Add-toCart and Shopping Cart Icons

Although its good to experiment with trendy and new icons,but studies have shown that the ecommerce websites having traditional shopping cart buttons tend to get more sales as compared to the websites which doesn’t use them.The reason is simple-Customers don’t want to spend time in understanding about new icons and they feel comfortable clicking the old and traditional icons.

#3 Clarity On Returns Policy & FAQ

Customers like to view return policies and frequently asked questions before they finally decide to buy your products so show these links on a prominent place so that they don’t need to spend time find them otherwise they may have a perception of being mislead and cheated.

#4 Live Support

Having option for the users to connect with your support team anytime will definitely enhance the level of trust among them.So,you may consider to incorporate live chat feature on your ecommerce web design for ease of your users.If you put yourself in the customers’ shoes,you will definitely consider to buy products from the website which has live chat option because you feel safe in case of asking any query or sharing any concern with them.Think about it!

#5 Mobile Responsive

Now,having a responsive ecommerce web design is good not only from the trust point of view but its also good if you want your users to spend time on your webpages.Lack of a responsive web design will definitely let device users quit your website immediately and search for an alternative option.Make sure that your online store must be accessible easily and conveniently from all devices and PCs.

#6 Physical Address

Without any exception,no user in this world would like to buy products from a company which doesn’t show their complete physical address on their website.Having a physical address on an ecommerce website helps users to build their trust in the company because every user wants to know about the company information from where they want to buy the products and to whom they are paying their hard-earned money.

#7 Mini Shopping Cart

Mini shopping cart is a small shopping cart area which is placed on the top of the website and which shows the quantity and amount of products added in the cart of a user.Having a mini shopping cart on an ecommerce website helps users to understand about their current shopping status which further helps them to maintain their budget & shopping requirements.Without a mini shopping cart,the users may have to go to their main shopping page repetitively which may be time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating for the users.