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eCommerce Success Tips:Increasing Conversion

Launching an ecommerce website for a retail business is no more a challenge now.You can hire an affordable web designer and get your ecommerce web design ready in couple of weeks.But does launching an ecommerce website ensures returns on your investment and revenue generation?For sure,it doesn’t.In order to win the game of ecommerce business,one needs to follow some strategies through which they can beat the competition,win the trust of their targeted customers and grab the market share by selling more on their online store.


In this blog post,we will be sharing some great conversion tips which you can use for your ecommerce website and experience more conversions and sales.

#1 Focus on Navigation

Navigation is one of the important elements of an ecommerce website which helps users to browse their desired sections and pages on a shopping cart website.If the navigation of an online store is confusing and complicated,the users will definitely quit the website within few minutes.In order to retain your users on the website and encourage them to buy your products,your navigation must help them to find the right product conveniently & easily.Many ecommerce websites have improved their conversion ratio by just simplifying their navigation throughout the webpages.

#2 Analyse the Search Queries

Gather the search queries from both search engines & internal search of your website and analyse them for bounce rate,conversion rate,abandonment rate etc. This analysis will help you to understand the users behaviour on your website and you can use it as a tool to improve the product listing on your ecommerce website.

#3 Recommended & Related Products

Include recommended & related products on each page of the shopping cart so that the users can view and consider to buy them as well.This could help you to increase the conversion ratio of your online store however you can measure the sales performance after inclusion of these elements which will help you to determine whether you should keep them or exclude them from your website.

#4 Create Landing Pages

Creating landing pages for your online store will definitely help you to retain your visitors on your website and encourage them to buy products from you.While implementing landing pages,you must make sure that they should be aligned with the overall design theme of your website so that they still look as one of the pages of your website otherwise the users may get confused if they happen to open your website after they have already visited your landing pages.So,design consistency is very important.Hire web designers who have experience in working with advertising campaigns because they can understand the importance of landing page for increasing the conversions of your ecommerce store.

#5 Trust Seals

Displaying trust seals on all the pages (especially near checkout button) of your ecommerce website helps your users to gain trust in your company.With lots of frauds and hacking which has been happening in the cyber world,showing trust seals can make your users comfortable buying your products.Studies have proved that online stores with trust seals have higher conversion ratio as compared to those without these seals.

#6 Customer Support

When you allow your users to interact with your staff easily and conveniently,they feel comfortable to buy products from your website.The reason is simple-They are being assured that there is someone who is always there to listen to their queries or grievances.Add online chat,24/7 hotline number etc. to increase the conversion ratio of your ecommerce website.

We hope you liked this blog post and will try to implement some or all of the above mentioned tips.

Do share your experience with us about your ecommerce website’s conversion ratio improvement/problems.You can email us at info@innomediatechnologies.com