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Landing Pages & Their Importance?

If you are Google-ing the keywords “best tips for creating landing pages”or “how to create effective landing pages”, then you already know about landing pages.In this blog,we will share the importance of having landing pages and few tips on ‘how to create effective landing pages that actually sell’.

Landing pages website design

What are landing pages?

Lets understand first what are landing pages and what are the cases when you must use them.

Landing pages, also known as ‘lead capture pages’ or ‘selling pages’ are those pages which are designed and developed to serve customized information for the potential buyers.These pages are different from normal web pages because unlike other pages, a landing page doesn’t have distractions or plenty of options for users to browse.In marketing terms, a landing page is a unique page on your website that’s created for one single conversion objective.

Landing pages are usually created for special marketing campaigns like email marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) and other online marketing mediums.A well-designed landing page can greatly increase conversions for your PPC or email marketing campaigns.

Why do you need the landing pages?

If you are investing your time & money in search engine marketing or search engine optimization, then you may want your users to land on the pages which are purely based on the topic that was advertised or searched.This strategy allows you to engage your target audience by making your message personal and valuable for them.

What are the best qualities of a landing page?

1) Call-to-Action (CTA) : CTA is a very important element for every landing page. There is no point to display only information on landing pages without having any ‘Call-to-Action’ because you may lose potential leads which you could otherwise capture with the presence of call-to-action elements. A call to action could be in the form of button, form or phone number.A landing web page design must be created by considering the important locations to place call-to-action elements appropriately.

2) Brief but valuable information: A landing page must have brief information about the products/services but at the same time it must be valuable for your target audience because you already know what they are looking for. So you can provide them with the best content and encourage them to take action.

3) Downloading Speed: If your landing page is beautifully designed and have the best content along with the call-to-action elements but the download speed is too slow,your potential buyers may quit before the landing page is downloaded completely. There are lot of competitors around there and users have a tendency to scan the information quickly, so they don’t like to wait for your landing page to download.Check with great web design tools like http://tools.pingdom.com to check the loading speed of your landing pages.

You may consult your web design company and share these qualities to ensure that your campaign is run successfully.