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Cost of Website Design & Development in Singapore

Do you need a website but wondering about its cost?

Great! Here, we are going to share different types of websites and their respective development costs.

We get many emails every week from several small & medium-sized businesses in Singapore who ask questions like below:

“How much does it cost to develop a website?”

“I want a simple corporate website for my company. How much will the web development cost?”

“How much do you charge to design a website?”

“Can you send me your quote to develop my eCommerce website?”

In order to provide the best web design quote, first we need to understand our customer’s exact requirements.

website development in Singapore

So we thought to write a blog post & share some important information about the cost of website development in Singapore.

The cost to develop a website entirely depends on the type of website and the level of complexity involved in its development.

To start, let’s understand that there are several types of websites.

Case #1: Corporate Websites (Starts $1200)

CMS website development cost in singapore

Corporate websites (also known as informative websites) usually contain information about any company. These kinds of websites are built to showcase services, milestones, history, mission, vision, contact details, and management details of a company.

If you simply want a simple website that you can share with your potential clients to help them understand your company and business, ask your web developer to develop a corporate website for you.

Cost to develop corporate websites

A corporate website may cost you between $1200 to $3000 depending upon your specific requirements.

Case #2: eCommerce Websites (Starts $2800)

Ecommerce website development in Singapore

Who doesn’t know about eCommerce websites?

An eCommerce website helps you to set up a virtual store & sell your products online. An eCommerce website has the ability to facilitate transactions electronically. By using some 3rd party payment gateways, you can easily accept payments from your customers and book their orders online.

Cost to develop eCommerce website

Usually, eCommerce web developers in Singapore may charge you somewhere between $2800 to $7000 to set up an online store for you. This cost may go up to $15000 or more depending upon the complexity of the work involved.

Case #3: Product Catalog Websites (Starts $2000)

Product catalog web development cost in singapore

A ‘Product Catalog’ website is another form of eCommerce website with the difference that there are no online payments involved.

If you want to showcase the products of your company and let your potential customers view them & seek quotations from you, go with a ‘Product Catalog’ website.

Cost to develop product catalog websites

A product catalog website may cost you between $2000 to $4000 depending upon the complexity and effort involved.

Case #4: Users Based Websites (Needs a Custom Quote)

Web portal development cost in singapore

Also known as web portals, ‘Users Based Websites’ generally come with features like signup, login, search engine, online payments and so on.

There is no pre-defined set of features for users based websites. Let’s take few instances. You may want to develop a website where:

a. Car buyers & sellers can signup & login to buy and sell cars respectively.

b. Job seekers & employers can signup & login to search jobs and employees respectively.

c. Tutors & students can signup & login to find assignments and tutors respectively.

d. Property agents & sellers/buyers can signup & login to find buyers/sellers and agents respectively.

These kind of web portals have no pre-defined price tag because the costing of such websites entirely depends on the functionalities required.

To determine the costing of a user based website, you must consult your web developer and share your ideas with him.

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