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Corporate Web Design Tips

Designing a corporate website can be a challenging task for most of the web designers.While building a website for any corporate,the web design team may have to follow the company norms,branding and lot more.Having build hundreds of corporate websites at Innomedia,we have some great tips for you which can definitely help your web designer to come up with great corporate web design.


#1 Think About Corporate Brand Colors

Before designing any layout for a business website,you must consider the corporate brand colors which the company has used in other materials like logo,brochures,flyers and other promotional items.A corporate website is not different in anyway from the company’s brand guidelines.

#2 Think About Corporate Brand Fonts

In order to align the corporate website with brand entity of the company,fonts are equally important.A business website must follow the same font style & pattern which has been used in other banding materials of the company.Have the fonts pattern jot down somewhere would be a great idea and it would serve as a guideline for the corporate web designers while website development process.

#3 Think About Corporate Vision

Yes,its strange but true.Most of the websites really speak about the vision of their company.Not only in the texts but also the design and overall look of the website.For eg. if the vision of a corporate is to become a leader in their industry,then their website should also stand out from the competitor’s website.Of course,every company wants to grow and beat the competition but showing this vision on a website is little challenging & at the same time important.

#4 Think About Corporate Presence

The overall look and feel of a website conveys the existing & future presence plans of a company.For eg. if a company wants to convey to its targeted customers that they want to serve local clients only,then their corporate website can have local elements and color choice according to their local region however if a company wants to expand their service coverage area to the global clients,then their corporate website should have a global look & feel.