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Checklist For Your Website Redesign

Website redesign is a phase which comes in every webmaster’s experience and they have face it whether they like it or not.When a website is not capable enough of capturing attention of users,generating traffic,converting visitors into customers then it’s a time to redesign the website.Or let’s put in other words;whenever there is a change in web technology,been too long to update the content & design or when a website is not able to encourage visitors to do business with the company then it should be an alarm for webmasters to redesign their websites.

Website Redesign Singapore

Redesigning of a website is really a very pleasant phase for the company to incorporate new ideas and content on their website but at the same time it could be a challenging job for the web designers to redesign the website without losing its current credibility especially in search engines.Because if a web designer ignores this critical part of website redesigning,the company in question may have to face huge issues which could end-up in the loss of money.

In this blog,we have listed down few importance check points for the web designers following which he/she can make sure that your website shouldn’t face turbulence times after redesigning of your website.These check-points are mainly to avoid the drop in search engine rankings of your website.

Duplication of Content

Duplicate Content-Website Design

This is one of the most important point which must be taken care of.While redesigning/redeveloping of a website;most of the web designers/web developers tend to host the new website on the same server without any restriction of accessibility for users and search engines.This practice usually leads to a serious issue of duplicate content because they same information could be accessible from two different locations (one from the live website and other one the new website hosted on the same server).This practice could be harmful from the point of view of search engines because we all know that major search engines like Google hate duplicate content.Therefore your must make sure that your web designer should host the new website either on any test environment or on the same server with password protection for the new website folder.

URL Changes

URL Changes - Web Design

Most of the web designers would not care about the URL changes and that should be OK if they are not well trained for SEO norms.But you must ensure that the URLs of your new website must be same as the old ones especially if you have already gained top positions on search engines otherwise you may end up by having all the past SEO efforts ruined just because of a small carelessness.You can use any online tool to download all the URLs that your current website have and use this URL list to compare with the URLs of new website.Of course, it is bit time consuming but worth enough to secure your rankings (or rather say your business).

Important Tags

HTML Tags - Web Design

Similar to URLs, tags are also very important to be carried in the same way as they were in the old website.Few of the important tags could be title tags, description tags,h1 tags,h2 tags,h3 tags, alt tags etc. By ensuring that your new webpages have same meta tags,you can protect your business to face a drop in rankings on search engines.Therefore, you must instruct your web design company to carry the same tags for your new website as well.

Other Checks

Other than above 3 check-points, there are few more checks which should be carried on before making your new website live.These checks include broken links check,content check,grammar check,loading time check,W3C errors check,browsers compatibility check & mobile compatibility check.There could be more miscellaneous check points which depend on the website features and size.
We hope that you liked reading this blog and will definitely follow the checkpoints mentioned here.