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9 great tips to enhance your website design

Do you want to get the most out of your website design? For every business, it’s important that their website should stand out from other competitors’ websites & therefore in this blog post, we are going to share 9 great tips following which you can make sure that your website will definitely be out of the crowd.

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#1 Navigation

There have been many cases wherein the design of a website looks good but the web designer fails to incorporate a logical flow of navigation due to which the users tend to quit the website quickly that also affects the bounce rate of the website badly. You must always pay attention to the navigational structure of your website in order to make sure that it’s easier for a user and search engines to find the information easily.

#2 Images

Images are the lifeline of a website because they attract users to stay on the website for a longer period of time and convey the desired message of the company. Therefore, you must make sure that your website designer must pay close attention to the usage of images in terms of both quality and relevancy. By relevancy, we mean each image should convey an appropriate message to the users and by quality, we mean that the images must have high-resolution visibility & sharp colors.

#3 Layout

The layout of a website plays a vital role in the success of any online business. Not only the layout should have an attractive design but it should comply with the usability norms as well. The layout of a website must be in a logical flow with a great color scheme and graphic elements.

Try to have each page of your website as a landing page but to accomplish this goal, you must hire a professional website designer in Singapore.

#4 Loading Speed

No matter how good is your website design, images & navigation, nothing is going to work unless the loading speed of your website is good. By good, we mean that your website should be able to download a page within 3-4 seconds. Studies have proved that any website which fails to download completely in not less than 5 seconds has the highest bounce rate which could be even more than 75% and this is really bad for any business.

There are lots of tools available these days that your web designer can use to check & fix the loading speed of your website. Check our blog post on how you can improve the loading speed of your website.

#5 Branding

Your website must carry your business brand throughout the web pages. You must make sure that your website should be consistent in using logo, color scheme, font colors, alignment, heading style, image style, etc. The users should be able to identify your website whenever they see your logo or color schemes. A website that carries appropriate branding of a business gets more credibility & recognition among users.

#6 Font Style

Make sure that your website must follow the appropriate font style according to your targeted audience. For eg., if your targeted audience age ranges from 25-60 years, you must make sure that the font color and size of your webpages are visible enough to read properly. A corporate website design must follow consistency in font style(color, type, size, etc.)

#7 Responsive

Having a responsive website design is no more an option these days, especially after the official announcement of Google that search engines will not consider websites worth ranking which fail to deliver responsive versions to the device users.

Not only from a search engine’s perspective, but you must also think from your users’ perspective that your website must be able to cater to the needs of all the device users as well especially when the ratio of device users has increased manyfold as compared to the last few years.

#8 Buttons

Usually, web designers would ignore the importance of using great buttons on the website especially when we talk about call-to-action buttons. A button could entice users to submit the inquiry/contact form or perform any action which you want them to do. Make sure that all the buttons used on your website must follow consistency in terms of color, style, and font.

#9 Testing

This is one of the great tips we could ever give. Always make sure to test your website as many times as possible. Test your website from the users’ perspective; not from your own perspective. Check out our post where we have shared 21 checklist you must follow to test your website.