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8 mistakes an ecommerce website design can have

The success of online selling depends mainly on two factors – understanding the customer psychology and the user-friendliness of eCommerce website design.

Here are a few blunders overlooked by eCommerce web design companies that can affect the business badly.

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Lack of Value Proposition

Many eCommerce websites showcase a poor display of what the company actually sells. If the website cannot grab the attention of the customer, and convince them why they should be buying from the particular company, it could mean a potential loss of customers.

Images to promote selling, catchy headings, tempting offers, etc. all add up to the value proposition of the website.

Lack of Product Information

A lack of detailed and relevant product information can make the user skeptical about buying a product. Description can have different meanings for different products. For example, if it’s a TV, a typical customer would take a quick glance at the image but pay more attention to the features provided. But in the case of clothes, the image would play a greater role.

When a customer relies solely on online information for a purchase, product information should not be neglected.

Lack of Website Security

When money is involved, especially sharing of account details and credit card numbers, customers expect maximum trustworthiness. There should be easy access to contact information, the ability to track orders; replacement/money-back guarantees, etc.

Having an up-to-date website design with SSL certificates, and testimonials especially from famous customers will add up to the credibility of the website.

Lack of mobile-friendliness

Many eCommerce web designers would design the website just for desktops. They miss out on making the website mobile-friendly. A huge mistake! Due to the lack of proper display of products on mobile and other devices, the eCommerce website may lose huge revenue from potential customers. Therefore, every eCommerce website must have a responsive web design in order to cater wide audience.

In fact, the website ranking on Google can get affected if it is not responsive and mobile-friendly.

Lack of Easy Check Out

A customer would in all probability give up the purchase in irritation if the check-out process is long and confusing. An ideal eCommerce website design should have a simple single-page check-out and unnecessary questions to the customer should be avoided.

Lack of Payment Options

A lack of payment options can also make the customer simply leave your website annoyed.

The eCommerce web design company needs to provide maximum payment options, to ensure a smooth experience and make the customers return for more.

Lack of shipping Options

Many eCommerce websites do not have different shipping module options integrated with the online store. Having more shipping modules provides options for delivery within a stipulated time.

Also, some eCommerce web design companies avoid displaying shipping rates; this can hamper the trust of your customers. Providing free shipping offers is one way of alluring a lot of customers.

Lack of testing

Many online stores have websites continuously updated according to the trends. But what web designers fail to do is test the new features. Testing should be an ongoing process. This also gives the option to make subtle website changes that can boost sales.

Choose an eCommerce web design company that takes care of the above factors when designing the website. A happy customer would mean better business, exactly what eCommerce is all about!