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8 Great Magento Ecommerce Website Extensions to Increase Conversions

Magento is one of the best ecommerce open sources available today.We have already discussed benefits of Magento web design for building your online store.In this blog post,we are going to share 8 great Magento extensions that your ecommerce developer can install on your shopping cart website & make it a successful venture by growing sales of your company.Lets discuss them one by one.


#1 Magento Product Feed

Its a great free extension provided by Magento which your ecommerce developer can install on your shopping cart website and it will generate product feed based on the products uploaded on your ecommerce website.This feed can further be used for fetching all or selected products at various marketplace portals like Google products,eBay etc. It will help you to showcase your products at different places without adding/uploading them on ecommerce portals.Isn’t this helpful and interesting?

#2 SEO Space

Using SEO Space can enhance your ecommerce website rankings on search engines tremendously because you will be able to define and use SEO elements like meta tags,canonical URL etc. So,if you want to increase the traffic on your shopping cart website from organic listings on search engines,this extension is a must to have.

#3 Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

Having Abandoned Cart Magento extension installed on your online store,it can enable the system to track items left pending in shopping carts for more than 7 days.You can also let the ecommerce system It send emails to customers intimating them of the pending items.This extension is definitely helpful for increasing the revenue of your business.

#4 Ultimate Advertising Suite

This extension enables you to display blocks on your ecommerce website with some advertisements or highlights which you want to showcase for your customers.This enhances the conversion ratio of your website and therefore it’s one of the important extension of Magento which you can use for your online store to make it successful.

#5 Surcharge Extension

Surcharge Extension enables you to add additional charges for multiple sections like payment methods,shipping methods etc. For eg. If you want to charge some additional amount to the users who are buying products from your shopping cart website using their debit card, you may charge them some surcharge which will be clearly shown to them.This extension allows you to add surcharge by either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total order.Your ecommerce developer can easily install this extension as it doesn’t require any advanced level coding unless you have any custom requirement.

#6 Page Peel for Ads

This extension allows you to advertise on your own website for your hot selling products for which you want users to take some action.You can also invite other advertisers to display their ads and in return,you may charge them a handsome amount.This way,your ecommerce website can become a source of new revenue for your business.There is no harm to try out new sources of income,right?

#7 Cloud Zoom

Do you want to have great zoom effects for your products images?Get rid of standard image zoom function installed by your web developer and replace it with the Cloud Zoom extension.The more clear images of your products would be,the higher would be the chances of conversions.So,this is a must-use extension for your ecommerce website if you are really serious about the conversions.

#8 GeoIP Currency Auto Switcher

In order to facilitate the users from different countries to view the prices in their local currency,you may use this extension on your online store.As a matter of fact,the faster process on your website would be,higher would be the chances of increased conversions and this extension can be helpful to achieve it.It shows the prices in different currencies according to the IP of their region/country.So it’s a must-have extension for your Magento ecommerce website.