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7 Web Design Tips To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

In this blog post, we are going to share a few web design tips which will definitely add some value to your e-Commerce website & increase your revenue as well.

We all agree that getting a website is not difficult these days but the only thing which comes with a lot of effort is getting sales out of your website, especially in the case of e-Commerce websites.

Why should a customer buy from you rather than from your competitor?

What are the key features of your online store that makes it outstanding?

You must answer similar questions when you are going to launch your e-Commerce website and invest money to market/promote it.

ecommerce web design

Here are a few tips from a web design point of view that can enhance and enable your e-Commerce website to get more sales:

Tip#1: Product Description

A details product description will help not only users to understand your products but also enables search engine crawlers to learn about your products and the keywords associated with them.

Therefore, it’s always a great idea to be as descriptive and at the same time unique as you can while writing the description about your every product.

Tip#2: Friendly URLs

When we say friendly URLs, we mean both SEO-Friendly and User-Friendly. Your webpage URLs must have appropriate product names/keywords so that both search engines & users should be able to get an idea about your webpage from the URLs that you have used.

A typical example of nice/friendly URLs is http://www.websitename.com/men-products/after-shave/.Your e-Commerce developer should be able to perform this task easily because there are lots of modules available to generate SEO-friendly URLs.

Tip#3: Clear Call to Actions

Since on an e-Commerce website, all the product-specific pages could be considered landing pages; it is always a great idea to include a clear and prominent call to action with every page. This call to action could be in the form of buttons like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

You may also use these buttons twice on each product page if the length of your product pages is too large. It will definitely increase the click rate of your buttons. You can ask your web designer to design creative buttons to urge users to buy from your website.

Tip#4: Display Important Information

Every customer would like to know about each piece of information like what they can expect after paying for the product when they are going to receive the products and what if they will not like the products.

Having this information on your online store will definitely push your online sales because the customers will be more confident in buying the products from your e-Commerce website.

Tip#5: Multi-dimensional Images

Let’s say a customer wants to buy a pair of shoes online and he comes across a website that shows the shoe image from one side only. Do you think the customer will be convinced to buy that shoe? Definitely not.

Since your e-Commerce website is a virtual showroom of your products, every customer would want to look at every possible dimension of your product and unless he is satisfied with the look of the product complete, he is not going to purchase it.

Therefore you must display different angles of your every product through nice images. This takes time and money, but it really pays off.

Tip#6: Ask & Display Reviews

It is likely that if your e-Commerce website is not renowned in the industry, the customers may be hesitant to purchase and pay for the products online(without knowing about your services and support).

But if the customers read reviews of your products by other customers, they will definitely feel more confident in your products and will consider purchasing from your online store.

Therefore, you may have a reviews module/plugin installed on your e-Commerce website in order to enable the existing customer to write for you.

Tip#7: Make it Easy

Don’t force your users to register with your website in order to complete their orders. Most of us today don’t have enough time to fill in all those specific information in order to purchase a product especially if the product value is less than $50.No one really bothers to register by filling in all the required details in order to make a small purchase.

Therefore, your e-Commerce website must have an option for guest checkout so that the users can checkout and pay for the products even if they don’t want to signup for an account with your website.

You can also allow them to sign in using their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are lots of modules available today which can be installed easily on all e-Commerce websites in order to enable users to sign in using their credentials on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We really hope that you enjoy reading our blogs and applying the shared advice on your website. Do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.