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7 Common Mistakes on an ECommerce web design

Believe it or not,online selling can really open the gateway of huge revenue for your business.Just imagine a store working for you day & night and serving the global customers without having any need to hire any human manpower to sell your products and services online.The investment in such a business is really worth it.All you need to do is hire an ecommerce website designer and get your online store live.Thats it.You are ready to explore new markets and sell your products online.

But at the same time,there are few mistakes which most of the ecommerce web developers would make,causing the business to incur losses.In this blog post,we are going to share some of the common mistakes and their solutions for an ecommerce website design.


#1 No Guest Checkout

Surprisingly,we come across many ecommerce websites that don’t provide their customers with the guest checkout option.Not all the users would spend time in registering their accounts with your website and therefore,by not providing the guest checkout option on your online store,you are at high risk of losing a huge,really huge amount of sales.

#2 No Detailed Product Information

Having no detailed product information on your ecommerce website sounds similar to the situation where you are expecting a customer to purchase an item from your shop without explaining the features and benefits of that product.Practically,its not possible,right? So an ideal ecommerce web design must have detailed product information so that the customers can get an idea about your product and they can make up their mind to buy it from your online store.

#3 No Contact Information

This is another reason of losing sales on your ecommerce website.No one wants to purchase any product from a website that doesn’t belong to any physical company or person.The reason is simple.They want to get hold of the company or person if the product becomes defective or in case of no delivery.Thefore,never shy to disclose your details on your ecommerce website which will not do any harm to you but will definitely boost your sales.

#4 No Easy Checkout Process

If you own an ecommerce website and check your orders everyday,you must have experience lots of abandoned orders.When the user is not sure about the checkout process on your online store or he feels something fishy,the user will quit your website and the order will be abandoned.Therefore,in order to help users complete their orders,make sure that the checkout process flow on your ecommerce web design is easy and logical.

#5 No Internal Search Engine

If your online store has thousands of products,there are high chances that the user will want to search for their desired products through a search engine on your website.Therefore,by not having a search engine on your website,you are forcing your users to quit your website because they may not have enough time to go through various categories and sections of your website to find one single product for them.

#6 No High Resolution Images

Ideally,we should have put this point on the top list of common mistakes of an ecommerce web design.The high resolution images on an ecommerce website is as important as the good quality of your products.Since the users can’t touch and feel the products that you sell online,your product images must be clear enough to let them feel the product virtually.The better the quality of your product images the higher would be the chances of getting more sales from your ecommerce website.

#7 No Multiple Options for Payment

Not all users have Paypal and not everyone has a credit card.Considering this fact while finalizing your ecommerce web design,you must make sure that your online store should have several payment options for the ease of your users.Having limited or single mode of payment is another reason of abandoned orders on most of the ecommerce websites.