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6 reasons to choose magento for your ecommerce web design

During the last few years, we have installed & customized a dozen eCommerce websites using open sources like Magento, Woocommerce & Opencart. These open sources are preferred by many clients and web designers today because they offer customized & robust solutions for small & medium size eCommerce businesses. Not only this, the most favorable reason to use these eCommerce open sources is that they are absolutely free.

In this blog, we are going to share the top 10 benefits of using Magento for eCommerce website development.


Benefit #1: Free

As mentioned above, like all other eCommerce open sources, Magento is freely available for everyone to install and configure an eCommerce website. However in order to customize the features of the default setup of a Magento eCommerce website, one needs a web developer who can help to modify the modules as per the business requirements.

Benefit #2: Products Import Feature

For a business that has a limited number of products to upload on their eCommerce website, it’s okay to upload them one by one however when it comes to companies that have thousands of products to upload, it could be a tedious job for them to upload them one by one. Magento has a great import feature through which you can upload hundreds and thousands of products together by using a spreadsheet and import feature available at Magento’s backend.

Benefit #3: Advanced Search

In order to run an eCommerce business in such a competitive market, it is very important for an eCommerce website to have advanced search features for the ease of end users because, at the end of the day, users don’t want to spend hours on a single website to find out the products of their choice. Using Magento as an open-source platform for your eCommerce web design, you can be assured of providing your users with an advanced yet user-friendly search feature. Needless to mention, it can also enhance the conversions of an eCommerce website.

Benefit #4: SEO Features

Magento offers great inbuilt SEO features like clean URLs, meta tags, image optimization, speed enhancement, and a lot more. We all know that in order to achieve success for an eCommerce website, there should be enough traffic and more conversions on it. Without a proper SEO strategy, an eCommerce website may not succeed. So, thanks to Magento has provided us with these great SEO features.

Benefit #5: Google Analytics

Magento offers a system that is integrated with Google Analytics which helps you to track the visitors and their behavior on your eCommerce website. In order to measure & improve the performance of your marketing efforts for your eCommerce website, tracking is essential and Google Analytics does this job for you.

Benefit #6: Newsletter Feature

In order to stay in touch with your existing customers and get more sales from them, a newsletter system plays an important role. Therefore, it is very important to have a stable & robust newsletter system integrated with your eCommerce website. Magento provides great newsletter modules which help you to stay connected with your customers in a professional way.