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9 important pre-launch testing points for your corporate website

If you hired a website designer in Singapore for your corporate website design and are not too sure how to ensure that your website is ready for a launch, then you must read this blog post because here we have shared 9 checklist points for basic but important testing of your website design.

#1 Website Design Testing


You must make sure that each and every page of your website must be developed according to the initial design templates sent by your web designer for approval because it’s very likely that while website development, there could arise some differences between the initial layout design & the actual website. So, before launching your corporate website, you must check all the important webpages for their designs so that there is no regret when you get bad feedback from your visitors.

#2 Web Forms Testing


A form is a very important element of a corporate website design. Be it a contact form, inquiry form, or signup form, you must test all the forms yourself and make sure that you do receive an email notification upon the form submission. You must also make sure that there is no error while filling out the forms on your website because users never like any kind of obstacle when they want to contact you.

#3 Browsers Testing


If your newly designed website looks great on your browser, it’s good but you must not forget about other major browsers which your users may be using. You must test your website on all major browsers and make sure that your website looks the same on all of them.

#4 Device Testing


These days most internet users travel by devices so a website needs to be developed using a responsive web design theme. If your website is not responsive, then you may lose a significant share of

#5 Webpage Speed Testing


This is one of the important tests that need to be done before you launch your website officially. Make sure that your website loading speed should not more than 5-6 seconds.

Usually, it’s great to have a website loading speed of up to 5 seconds because the more the loading speed of your web pages is; the higher would be the chances of more bounce rate(users may quit your website at the first page only) on your website which is not good for your business.

If you find your webpage loading speed is more than 6 seconds, you must consult your web designer and ask him to improve the loading speed.

#6 Images


Before you launch your corporate website, you must check the images for their loading speed & quality. In order to make the website look attractive for the users, the web designers would use high-quality images in the header or other important pages which is not at all a bad idea. But at the same time, those images must be optimized well so that they don’t affect the loading speed of your website. If you face a slow loading speed of your website due to the images, you may consider referring this blog to your designer following which can definitely improve your website loading speed by optimizing the images.

#7 Website Content

web content

Content is one of the important assets of any website because it conveys the corporate message of a business. Therefore, you must check the quality of your content before your targeted audience should read it. You must also check your website content for typos and grammar errors in order to maintain the reputation of your business.

#8 Pricing & Other Terms


If you sell your products or services online, then you must check the prices that you have mentioned on your website in order to avoid any dispute. You must clearly mention other terms of working with your company like terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc.

#9 Broken Links

Broken Links

Last but not least, you must make sure that there are no broken links on your website. A broken link is a hyperlink on a Web page that will point users to an incorrect URL, a missing page, or a missing file. There are lots of free tools available to check the broken links of a website for eg XENU