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5 Reasons of Choosing WordPress for Affordable Web Design

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software available in the market today. Even though it started off as a blogging tool, it has graduated into being a major website development platform today.

The growth has been gradual but substantial & extremely significant. What are the reasons that made a mere blogging tool into a fab and affordable website design platform? Let us take a look at some of these reasons.


#1 Ease of Use

Ease of use is the most important factor that makes WordPress web design popular. One can manage a WordPress website/blog without having technical knowledge.

The intuitive backend interface of WordPress helps laymen to understand the useful features of various plugins. Managing the plugins on a WordPress website or a blog is as easy as plug & play.

#2 Ease of Modification

Each WordPress plugin and theme comes with easy-to-use modification options. With several themes available to download and customize, one can easily manage the design elements of a WordPress website in almost no time.

In other words, the non-developer webmaster can also create a great-looking custom website by using drag & drop functionality provided with several themes.

#3 Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important reasons for businesses to build a website is to attract a targeted audience who can become customers for their company and attain this goal, search engine optimization can be the best source.

There is no doubt that WordPress websites are good for SEO because WordPress offers several in-built SEO features like permalinks, meta tags management, lightweight coding structure, responsive website themes (most of them), and so on.

There are also several free-to-use plugins that you can download and use for your WordPress website that help you to optimize your website for search engines. These plugins would guide you to write SEO-friendly content, provide optimized internal linking, generate sitemaps, and many other features too.

#4 Scope of Customization

WordPress has a huge community of active members who contribute to the development and customization of WordPress plugins and themes. Not only this but there is also an abundance of WordPress developers who can help you with the customization of your website at affordable prices.

#5 Security

WordPress CMS is not only easy-to-use and customize, but is also considered one of the secured open-source CMS tools available today. The company behind WordPress, Automattic, employs a security team consisting of 25+ experts whose only job is to make sure the WordPress core is safe from attacks such as injections, viruses, etc.