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5 Great Open Sources for ECommerce Web Design

Before we begin to learn about some of the great open sources available for an ecommerce website development,lets be talk about about open source.If you are not clear about “what exactly is an open source”,let us explain about it a bit.Open source software is software whose source code has been made available for anyone to modify or update.Or in other words these software are open to use and modify for the ecommerce web developers.

Although,there are many open sources available for ecommerce web design today,but we will talk about 5 great open sources in this blog post.Please note that they have been listed randomly and not in the order of their preference or efficiency.



If you are in the ecommerce web industry for quite sometime,you must be aware of Magento and some of its features.If not,we will learn here. Magento is one of the biggest names in the ecommerce open sources software.

Magento is incredibly flexible and capable.If handled by expert ecommerce web developer,it can create a beautiful website for even the largest of retailers.Having said this, Magento is very much intended for expert coders.

Magento does not come with built-in security for some of the features like payment processor,security etc.So,you ,any need to pay for it or seek assistance of web developers to write their own codes.



Opencart is the newest,lightest and easiest ecommerce software among other open sources available.OpenCart is in the market since 2007 and still have to come up with complex features however OpenCart is known for its easy-to-use dashboard and light software codes which an average website developer can customize as per your specific requirements.



osCommerce is among the oldest ecommerce open sources and therefore there are countless online shop websites that have been developed using this open source.osCommerce has over 7,000 free integrations, and huge active community working on it and giving support for it.Many people believe that this ecommerce software is outdated but still there could be endless features that can be integrated with a website using osCommerce.In other words,almost nothing is impossible when you develop your website using osCommerce and seek help of professional web developers.



Being just a plugin from Wordpess,Woocommerce is  not a full shopping cart open source which you can use for your ecommerce web design.However it can still be considered as one of the great tools to develop an ecommerce website using open source(WordPress).We have included WooCommerce in this list because there are plenty of websites and blogs that have been built using WordPress so it would be fortunate for their webmasters to use Woocommerce if they want to incorporate an online store on their existing website but don’t want to switch from WordPress to any new open source.

To incorporate an online store on your WordPress website,all you have to do is just download and install Woocommerce plugin and start using it by choosing any of the available templates.



Like other ecommerce open sources,Prestashop is also available free to download and create an online store for your business.The best thing in Prestashop is that it has an amazing reporting feature through which you can  extract all important reports like sales,orders,payments etc. Its dashboard also has a feature to predict your future sales based on the present and past statistics of users and sales of your ecommerce website.You can create great ecommerce web design using Prestashop however in order to modify some of the features to suit your requirements,you may need an ecommerce designer to help you.