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5 Major Reasons Of High Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate of a website?

Rate of ‘visitors who leave your website after first page only’ is known as bounce rate.The higher a bounce rate of your website is,the worst it is for your website & business.Because this simply means that users don’t like your landing page which they see when they enter your website and therefore they are not convinced to check out other pages as well.

In other words, a bounce rate tells you how ‘engaging’ is your website for your visitors.Most of the web designers would overlook this major aspect of the website.

Fix high bounce rate of a website :web designers Singapore

In this blog post, we are going to share 5 major causes of bounce rate of a website.Identify them & fix them with the help of your web designers.

#1 Unpleasant Fonts

Does your website has font style which is unpleasant to the users eyes? You must check out the style, size, colors and spacing of your fonts.Your website fonts must be readable enough to engage the users & urge them to browse other pages too.

Sometimes a website with good quality content also gets high bounce rate because of unpleasant font styles used to convey the message.

#2 Color Scheme

If your have used colors that are too flashy, bright or unpleasant to the users eyes,they won’t mind quitting your website immediately.Its always a good idea to use simple yet elegant colors for your website but at the same time you must take care of your branding too.

Since the colors of a website is the first most attraction for the users,you must use this as a trump card to grab their attention and lower the bounce rate.

#3 Mobile Friendly

Having a responsive website (mobile friendly website) is no more an option now.Its as mandatory as developing a website.

There are 2 major reasons behind this fact (i) Most of the users have gone mobile and prefer to browse the websites on the go & (ii) Major search engines like Google love those websites which are responsive and consider them for ranking on higher positions.

So,by having a website which is not responsive,you will lose not only the interest of your viewers but you may fail to gain the trust of search engines too.

#4 Website Loading Speed

This reason is pretty obvious for causing high bounce rate for websites but still many web designers don’t pay attention to this critical point.

In today’s world of 5G,who cares to wait for a website to load slow or sometimes forever.Various studies have proved that the websites which take more than 5 seconds (it was 7 seconds couple of years ago) to load the pages have more than 70% bounce rate.Testing a website’s loading speed should always be a part of web design checklist.

There are lots of tools available for web designers which help them not only to analyse the loading speed of a website,but also suggest you remedies to improve it.One of them is tools.pingdom.com

#5 Website Header

A website’s scrolling starts from the top,so a perfect header could work as a show stopper.The header of your website must be attractive enough & able to convey correct message of your business in an easy way.This will increase the engagement rate & users will put more time on your website.