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5 Issues To Fix For Website Usability

For every business,the first and foremost objective of having a nice website is to attract their targeted users.No matter how good the colors of your website are or how beautifully your web designer has used the graphics/images on your website;you can’t expect revenue from your website unless your website serve well to your users.During the website design process,your web designer may ignore some of the important but very crucial points which may affect your users’ experience adversely.

In this blog,we are going to share 5 issues on a website that can affect your website’s usability.

Website Issue #1: Wrong Placement of Call-to-action

Wrong CTA -Web Design

A call-to-action is an important element of your website which can help you to bring good amount of revenue for your company.However, often many web designers fail to use these elements effectively on the websites.If you or your web designer has a big screen;that doesn’t mean that your users will also have same screen size.Therefore,it is very important to place the call-to-action elements on the top area of your webpages in order to make sure that they are always visible to your users irrespective of their screen sizes.

Website Issue #2: Information Overloaded

Overloaded Content-website design

We must agree that with so many choices(of competitors & websites) for your users,they would not like to read each and every piece of information on your webpages and therefore its always a good idea to let your users read the information quickly.The best way to do this is by using precise but brief content on your website.You may also considering using points so that your users can read the content on your website even if they wish to scan the page in few seconds.Using graphics to explain your points would be an added advantage to retain the users on your website.

Website Issue #3: Lack of Browser Compatibility Check

Browser Compatibility-Web Design

We have talked about the importance of browser compatibility in few of our previous blogs as well.This point must be on the top list of your website design checklist so that you always make sure that you are not going to loose your targeted users (which could be your potential customers) due to the lack of website testing for various browsers.So you must make sure that your website runs well on all major browsers.For eg. you may ask your web designer if he has already checked your website not only for Firefox,IE & Chrome;but also for other browsers like Safari & Opera.And needless to mention,on the latest versions of all browsers as well.

Website Issue #4: Complicated Navigation

Complicated Navigation - Web Design

Don’t let the users loose the sight of their objective of coming to your website.Have a proper navigation structure on all the pages of your website so that your users never find it difficult to go to their desired webpage(s).A website with bad navigation can force the users to slip from their webpages and go to the competitors website.The best way to make sure that your website is easy to navigation is that you must use breadcrumbs on all the webpages and you must also have a clear navigation on all the webpages.By applying these 2 simple yet effective practices for your website,you will be able to retain your visitors on the website for a longer duration.

Website Issue #5: Hiding Forms

Hiding-Forms-Web Design

Users really hate when they want to contact you for your services but they are not able to find a form to fill and send their details.So its always a good practice to make sure that your contact/enquiry forms are easily accessible to your users and that too on every page of your website.This doesn’t mean that you should use the forms on all the webpages;but it simply means that all webpages must have a button/link to take your users to the form.

By avoiding above 5 usability issues on your webpages,you will definitely notice an enhanced users’ experience on your website.After all,the success of a website is entirely dependent on its engaging ability with the users.