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5 Ingredients of a Successful Ecommerce Website

Do you own an eCommerce website but you aren’t getting desired revenue from it? Or perhaps, you may be getting sufficient revenue from your online store but you’re looking for some great suggestions & ideas to increase your sales. If yes, then all you need to do is just invest a few minutes in reading this blog and see if you get some new ideas to improve your online sales.

In this blog post, we are going to share 5 important ingredients to prepare the perfect recipe for a successful eCommerce website. Most of our clients have experienced growth in their online sales by implementing these ideas so there are chances that you could be benefitted from them too.

Have you shown enough product descriptions?

While working on their eCommerce websites, most merchants often underestimate the importance of detailed product information.

Can you expect a customer to buy products from your online store without knowing the benefits, features, and other details of your products? If you run an eCommerce website, make sure that you provide all the necessary information about your products to the users which they need in order to make their buying decision.

Never forget that your potential customers are going to interact with your website only, not you. So you must provide as much information as possible if you really want to improve your online sales.

Do you have an on-site search feature on your eCommerce website?

Again, considering the fact that your potential customers will be interacting with your website only, you must allow them to search for any product or any information that they have been looking for.

As webmasters, we always believe that we have done our best for helping out our website users to navigate the products on our online store however we often ignore the users who are not well versed with the standard browsing pattern of a website.

For those users, you must provide a search feature on all web pages of your eCommerce website so that they can always take the help of this feature to find out their desired products and buy them from your website.

Is the checkout process on your online store simplified enough?

If you look over the most important reasons for the failure of an eCommerce website, a high abandonment rate would be on top among them.

When the users add products to their basket and never check them out, it is known as abandonment. A complex checkout process on an eCommerce website is majorly responsible for its higher abandonment rate. This problem can be cured by simplifying the checkout process of the website, perhaps developing a one-page checkout page would be great to lower the abandonment rate and increase sales.

Intuitive shopping cart design

In our experience as a web design company specializing in eCommerce website development, we have analyzed several online stores and strongly believe that the design of a shopping cart plays an important role in the success or failure of an eCommerce website.

For instance, we notice many times that if the shopping cart design of a website is attractive enough, even if the users never entered through relevant keywords, they tend to add products to their shopping cart, no matter whether they checked out those items or not.

On the other hand, we have also seen on many websites that the users would enter the website with highly relevant keywords but they never even clicked the ‘Add to Cart” button. This clearly shows if your shopping cart is not designed well, the users won’t even notice your products and their call-to-action buttons.

Does your website have structured Navigation?

How often has it happened to you that you visited a website that has a very poor navigation structure and you quit immediately because you were lost in the website? Same applies to any eCommerce website because it’s very important for your potential customers to be able to navigate different sections of your website easily.