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5 great plugins for opencart ecommerce website design

It’s not all done after the eCommerce website design job is over because, for the success of an eCommerce website, SEO plays an important role. In this blog, we are going to share a few useful OpenCart plugins that can be used for your OpenCart eCommerce website to boost traffic and search engine rankings.

#1 OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO extension


This is absolutely a ‘can’t afford to miss’ module because it saves your OpenCart eCommerce website from being penalized by URLs duplicity issues. It’s quite likely in the case of eCommerce websites that a single page could have multiple versions of URL and by including a canonical URL with every page of your online store, you can let search engine spiders know about the primary URL to be considered for each unique webpage. You can download this plugin now.

#2 OpenCart Category Name in Your Product Title Tag


By default, OpenCart would use your product name in the title tag of the product’s webpage which makes it non-descriptive for search results and this module will automatically add the category name with the product names for every product webpage. Download it now!

#3 OpenCart Super Page Cache: Site speed booster


Webpage loading speed has become an essential criterion for every website to be placed on the top pages of search engines. This plugin will help your open cart eCommerce website to enhance the loading speed of your store by caching your store. This module is also helpful for improving users’ experience. Download this plugin.

#4 Ajax Image Loader


As mentioned above, when ranking websites, search engines take into account the webpage download speed which means it’s very important to have a fast loading speed for every webpage on your OpenCart eCommerce website. Ajax Image Loader will help the images of your website to load asynchronously via Ajax so that initial page load times are heavily reduced & index time could be improved. Download this plugin now.

#5 Opencart 1.5.X Full Seo – Auto Keyword


For all categories & products, this module would produce meta descriptions and meta keywords from the description and title respectively. However, you will still have the ability to manage them manually. This plugin also helps to fix some of the biggest SEO issues like duplicity URLs, 404 pages, etc. Download this plugin now.