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5 Modules To Increase Conversions On Your ECommerce Website

Hiring an eCommerce developer is not a challenging job these days. You can hire any web development company and get your online store set up but if you really want to be successful in eCommerce/online selling business, then you must make sure that your web design agency has CONVERSION skills that are beyond just website designing. Here we are talking about the skills which are required to entice a user to purchase the products and become a paid customer.

If your eCommerce development company doesn’t show up these skills, then you must make sure that you have a checklist for them to be implemented on your eCommerce website.Below is the list of a few eCommerce modules which can help you to increase the conversion rate on your shopping cart website:

eCommerce Module #1: Products Reviews Module


If you want to increase the conversions on your website, then you must ask your web developer to have a product reviews module. This feature will let new users know about the reviews of past customers and positive reviews will always encourage new users to buy the products from your website. All the eCommerce open sources like Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, OSCommerce, etc. provide a reviews module so it should not be a big challenge for your web developer to incorporate this feature.

eCommerce Module #2: Social Media Module


Social Media Module on your eCommerce website helps your products to become popular among social networking websites. This module enables website users to share your products among their social groups which further increases the chances

eCommerce Module #3:  Google Analytics Module


By having Google Analytics installed on your eCommerce website, you get an insight as to what are the sources through which your visitors come to your website, how much time they spend on your website, what are the leading keywords that contribute to the maximum sale on your website, etc. Google Analytics module is available free of cost for all major eCommerce open sources like Magento, OpenCart & OSCommerce.

eCommerce Module #4: Discount Module


Who doesn’t like discounts? Users tend to buy more from those eCommerce websites which offer great discounts on their products. By installing a discount module on your eCommerce website, you can generate discount coupons from the website which you can float among targeted users so that they can use these coupon codes and avail of the prevailing discount.

eCommerce Module #5: SMS API Module


Through the SMS API module, you can make sure to keep your existing customers updated about new arrivals, discounts, and offers running on your website. This works great if you have a good database of customers and increase your up-selling by 30-40%.