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5 Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a web technique that transforms the website design to the size of the user’s screen. While accessing the website on the laptop with 15 inches gives a perfect view to that size and when the user shift to his mobile phone or tablet, the size reacts as per the device and is displayed accordingly.


Because of the evolution of smart phones and tablets, 2013 had announced the new technique of responsive website design which was developed and is being widely used by many online business for the better display on various devices of all screen sizes. The major reason for its popularity is the shifting of major audiences to the smart phones for browsing.

Here are 5 major Benefits of using a Responsive Website Design

#1 Reaching to more Audiences

The fastest growing trend of using the internet and mobile/web applications on smart phones, tablets and i-pad is the driving force behind the high demand of responsive web design. Using responsive web design, one site can be implemented across all the devices.

Many survey reports and traffic reports have concluded that the ratio of traffic through mobile phones and tablets are increasing higher compared to normal laptops and desktops. It has been estimated too that the sales for the mobile phones and tablets will exceed 100 million this year. Counting on these data, online business owners and promoters are more inclined towards having a responsive website for better online business results.So,you have all reasons to ask your web designer to build your website using responsive web design.

#2 Increase in Sales and Conversion Ratio

When the website on all devices are represented with similar design look and feel and functionality, user build more credibility towards the site with familiar navigation and look and feel in the multiple devices. This brings a positive impact on the user and thus increases the conversion ratio and sales.

#3 Consolidate Analytics and Reporting Benefit

Responsive site gives a benefit to have a single tracking report of your website for traffic, conversion, sales and all other analytical need. Google Analytics facilitates multiple devices tracking and reporting for a responsive design. This allows for easy monitoring and fast reporting system.

#4 Cost Effective and Time Saving

The traditional approach of developing mobile site has been taken away by the responsive design as the former was a time taking process whereas the Responsive site is much faster comparatively. In responsive site, the styles are re-used and to save more time, device standardised testing methodologies can also be used.

While talking about costs, we save support and maintenance overhead cost as unlike responsive site, mobile site had to undergo the testing process of multiple sites

#5 Enhances Offline Browsing Experience

Using responsive design, the users get quality content for offline browsing for various devices. HTML5 has capabilities of offline browsing, which makes site easily accessible without internet connection. On the top of it, email newsletters are easily being consumed in the absence of interconnection along with the other content that are in hybrid HTML5 web applications.

The latest technology has given many benefits to the online business and promoters to grab more business opportunities and from the above points, it is concluded that Responsive website design is one among such innovations which can be used for existing websites in order to get more revenue, reach huge masses and build a better brand for your business.