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4 Principles of a Flat Web Design

Flat web design layouts are gaining a lot of popularity in today’s world of the web. Most web development companies would offer you flat web design layouts that can enhance the user’s experience on your website and at the same time increase conversions as well.

In this blog, we have outlined 4 principles of a flat website design.


#1 Use of simple user interface elements

The key aspect of flat web design is the use of simple two-dimensional user interface elements. Each and every design element used in the pages are crisp and to the point. It serves the requirements precisely without the use of flowery styles or added themes.

Enhanced and complicated tricks like the use of shading and out-of-the-box designs to give the images a three-dimensional effect or the use of images that are designed to deceive the thought process of users are not entertained in flat designs.

The content structure used on these types of flat websites is generally simple but powerful enough to reach the target audience effectively.

#2 Significance of typography

Since the overall design methodology used in giving life to flat designs are of a simple nature, typography is of immense importance. The overall tone of the typefaces, the size and style of the fonts, and the quality of content should also be chosen with great care.

The typeface should match the overall theme and design structure of the page. The fonts should however be of a simple nature with the right use of gradients and shades in a graceful manner. Overuse of gradients and shades is not done in flat designs.

For art elements, you can definitely use novelty fonts but the use of specialty typefaces should be totally avoided.

#3 The right use of colors is very important

The right use of color is very important in flat web design layouts. You should make sure that the color combinations used in the texts and other elements of the pages go well with the overall theme of the website.

Depending on the genre and purpose of the website, the color combination will also vary. While using flat designs, web designers will use brighter color palettes rather than the ones found on usual websites. This is done in order to highlight the contents of the pages in the most effective manner.

#4 Minimalist design approach is needed

When you approach a web designing company to get flat designs for your pages, you should not expect flashy designs. When using flat web designs, a minimalist design approach is very essential. Simple colors and text should be used to give the design an elegant touch.

Even if you have to add visuals to the pages, do not use ostentatious snaps.

Simple snaps that serve the purpose of conveying what exactly you plan to use the pages should be used. Keeping it simple and graceful is very important when using flat designs.