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4 FAQ by Web Designers About Web Analytics

For a website to be successful, it’s important to have a web analytic tool installed in it because analytic tools help webmasters to track the traffic/visitors and their behavior on the website which further helps to take appropriate action in order to enhance the user experience.

However, there are a few commonly asked questions by web designers and developers about analytic tools. In this blog, we are going to share those questions along with their answers.

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1) What’s the best web analytics service available?

Google Analytics is the best website analytic tool available today because it is absolutely free up to 10 million hits per month. With the recent updates, the service has come up with a wonderful user interface and efficient reporting system.

You will be able to understand the major keywords that help in attracting users to your page when you use this service. You will also be able to identify the flaws in the content of your website which will help you to make required editing periodically. So, make sure that your web designer must install an analytics script before launching your next website.

2) What are the other best web analytics tools?

Woopra, Mint, Clicky, and Crazy Egg are other web analytic tools that are popular around the world. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools available today for free and it can be used to understand all information related to the traffic reaching your website. You will be able to identify the major keywords that drive internet users to your website and more importantly the factors that turn them off.

Using these tools, you will be able to get a detailed report regarding the traffic sources, e-commerce, content, and goals. You might however have to wait for long periods in order to get the updated results. Spring Metrics is another useful tool that can be instantaneous data analysis for your website.

You will get easy information regarding the path of a user who has visited your website till the time the person leaves. The tool is very user-friendly too and can be used to understand all required details regarding your website traffic.

3) What is the difference between unique visitors and new visitors in Google Analytics?

A unique visitor is a web user visiting the website for the first time during a specific time range. A new visitor is someone who visits the website for the very first time. If a person visits the same site from two different browsers, the unique visitor count will be 2.

4) What is the difference between hits, clicks, visits, visitors, pageviews, etc. across web analytics software?

Hits are the number of elements that are downloaded from your website. It will count the images, PHP files, HTML tags, and all other elements downloaded by a user.

A click is the number of times a person is directed to your website.

Visits are the number of times a person has reached your website. Visitors are of two types, unique and new as explained above.

A page view is the number of pages that is available on your website. If a person clicks on one page of your website at different times, it will add to the page views. This will also happen even if the page is refreshed.