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4 Reasons of Website Maintenance & 5 Ways to Maintain a Website


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You maintain yourself by exercising regularly & eating healthy. You also maintain your car & other equipments to get better performance from them, always.

Similarly, to get most out of your website, you must maintain it regularly too.

4 Reasons To Maintenance Your Website


Less chances of virus attack

When you update the version of your website software regularly, the codes get secured and there are very low or no chances to get malicious attacks on your website.

Optimized loading speed

When you do regular housekeeping on your website & remove useless contents, it helps your webpages to get optimized size and thereby enhancing its loading speed.

Users always see fresh content

Updating your website with updated content helps your users to always see relevant information. Stale content & outdated information can leave bad impression on your users.

Higher rankings on search engines

Search engines like Google love fresh content. Including sections like blog or news and updating it regularly with fresh content can help your website to be found for your potential customers.


5 Ways to Maintain Your Website

#1 Regular Backups

Having regular backups of your website is perhaps the most part of website maintenance.

Why should you backup your website regularly?

With your website being exposed to the world wide web, there could be chances that it could become a victim of malicious or virus attacks. These kind of vulnerabilities can affect your website badly by damaging some or all of your webpages.

Therefore, its always good to keep a latest and updated backup of your website, just in case.

#2 Images Housekeeping

Images take too much of space on your hosting server which apparently affects the performance of your website. Therefore, regular housekeeping of images on your server enables you to identify the images that are no more useful for your website.

Similarly you can keep an eye on the videos, pdf documents and other files on your server that are no longer in use.

#3 Broken Links Check

What are broken links?

Links that no longer opens the page on click and show 404 (page not found) message, are known as broken links.

It usually happens when you create few pages that are relevant for a specific timeframe and you link them from other pages of your website. Now when you remove that temporary/time-specific page from your website, all the links that are associated with this page will show ‘page not found’ error on click.

How to check broken links on a website?

There are several effective yet free online tools available that you can use to find out the broken links on your website. Make a list of those links and either remove the hyperlinks to the non-existing pages or change the link from the non-existing page to the one that’s existing.

One of the such best tools that we know to check broken links is XENU.

#4 Updated Content

An integral part of website maintenance is to keep its content up-to-date.

Why should you take content updating seriously?

It leaves a bad impression in your website users’ mind when they see out-dated content like mentioning of yesteryear in the copyright statement, out-dated service/product or old addresses and person’s names. It is important that you must make sure to change the website content with any such changes.

With the growing trend of CMS websites, it has become easier than ever to update the website content in just few clicks. If you still don’t find time to manage your website regularly, you can hire a web developer to make such changes.

#5 Software Upgrade

With the ever-changing web technologies, it is imperative to always keep the software of your website updated.

Running your website with outdated software can lead to the risks like malicious attacks, virus injections and other vulnerabilities.

Is software upgrade an easy task?

Yes, its true that upgrading a website’s software is not always easy to perform and therefore, its recommended that you engage a web developer to do this task.