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Save More Than 50% on Your Web Development by Choosing WordPress

WordPress is no more just a blogging platform. Be it a corporate website design or ecommerce web development, WordPress can help you to save almost 50% of your overall investment.

In this blog post, we are going to share how you can save almost 50% by choosing WordPress for your web development.

WordPress For Ecommerce

responsive web design

If you’ve been already considering to launch your ecommerce website and have already sought few quotations to build ecommerce website, you probably know how expensive it is to get an online store.

But with WordPress, it is still possible that you get a fully-functional and profitable ecommerce store at affordable price.

Usually an ecommerce website development may cost you more than $5000 but if you choose WordPress, it can cost you as low as $3000.


When you choose WordPress, you can save money on design, customization, features development and web hosting.

Let’s read each point in detail.

#1 WordPress helps you to save money on design

Yes, there are thousands of free & paid WordPress themes which you can choose for your ecommerce web development. Even if some of these great themes are paid, it won’t cost you more than $100 to implement one for your ecommerce web development.

Other than the cost, there are several other benefits of WordPress themes:

a) WordPress themes are easy to customize. With just a short training, you can also learn to customize your WordPress ecommerce website design without paying hundreds of dollars to your web designer for making minor tweaks in the design.

b) Most of the WordPress themes have a responsive web design. What does that means? It simply means that your website will have a mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly view for smart device users.

c) WordPress themes are loved by search engines because of the structure of their framework.

#2 WordPress helps you save money on features development

Thanks to thousands of WordPress plugins that are available either free of cost or with just a small amount of amount. You can use these plugins with your WordPress website and can incorporate the desired functionality with your website.

In other words, when you choose WordPress for your website development, you don’t need to pay your web developer for developing features for your website. You can save your money on feature development by using ready-made plugins available free of cost or at a nominal price.

If you are thinking that the WordPress plugins library may not have the feature you’ve been looking for, then think about it again. You name the feature and you will find an appropriate plugin for that.

#3 WordPress helps you to save money on customization

Be it a WordPress theme or plugin, sometimes you may want a bit of enhancement or changes according to your business requirements.

Due to the huge popularity of WordPress, the availability of WordPress developers is in abundance. And because of the stiff competition among WordPress developers, you can easily find and hire a web developer who can provide you best web design services at a lower price.

So, if you need some customizations on the default plugins or theme of your WordPress ecommerce web design, you can easily get it done at an affordable price.

WordPress For Corporate Web DesignResponsive WordPress Web Design

If you have been looking for web developers to build your corporate website, you probably know the quotation to build a simple company website could vary from $2500 to $4000.

But if you choose WordPress for your company website, it can cost you as low as $1200.

How? Well, the reasons that you can get your company website at such an affordable price is same as explained above.

#1 Affordable web design themes

There are thousands of great and professional themes available for WordPress websites that you can use for your company website. Most of these themes are free to use and some of them are paid yet available at an affordable price that won’t exceed $100.

#2 Plugins for 3rd party software

There are several WordPress plugins available that you can integrate with 3rd party software for the features like accounting, HR, client management, and more. Again these plugins are available either free of cost or at a very nominal price to use.

#3 Basic Plugins

Most of the WordPress plugins for corporate website development are free. So if you want your company website to have a Google Maps, FAQ section, Testimonials, Services, Contact forms etc., all of these plugins are available free to use.