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Important team members of a Singapore web design agency

A web design company in Singapore may have different types of developers on their team. You’ll probably find designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, project managers, etc.

Website designer
Front-end developer
WordPress developer
Web/PHP developer
Custom web developer
OpenCart developer
Drupal developer

web design team members of a singapore web design agency

The first type of member you may have on your web design team is the web designer or web developer. This is the person who is familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript and designs and builds the website.

The second type of member is the web developer.

Then there are the mid-range developers who put in the extra effort to make sure that your website looks good. Then, there are WordPress developers who can create both WordPress-based websites and more traditional websites.

In this blog post, we have shared some information on 7 common types of team members that a Singapore web design agency may have.

Let’s get started!

#1 Website designers

A website designer is responsible for creating a user-friendly web design that’s both beautiful and functional.

In other words, website designers are responsible for creating the look, feel, and structure of a website. 

They choose the colors, images, and fonts that will be featured on a site.

Usually, it’s a web designer who will make sure that your website design looks:

  • Vibrant & attractive
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive)
  • Browser-compatible

#2 Front-end developers

Although the responsibilities of front-end developers are similar to those of web designers, front-end developers are more into coding & programming rather than graphical experts. 

Front-end developers are the ones who work on how your website looks. 

They are the ones who design your website’s user interface, and they are the ones who ensure that when the content on your website is displayed to your customers, it looks exactly how you want it to.

#3 WordPress developer

A WordPress developer is a person who is involved with making and maintaining websites using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is a blogging tool that can also be used to develop websites.

A WordPress developer is a person who is adept at using WordPress to make websites.

Your Singapore WordPress developer will also make sure that you have the right plugins on your site and that everything is working the way it should.

#4 Web/PHP developer

A PHP web developer is a person who is responsible for developing a website from its initial concept to a final product. 

Your web developer in Singapore may be involved in the process from the beginning, it’s more likely that they will be involved at a later stage in the process.

A web developer’s job is to create the back-end infrastructure of a website including the database, server configuration, and the underlying foundation of the site. 

Website developers can help you with many things, including CMS setup, creating SEO-friendly web architecture, writing codes, and much more.

#5 Custom web developer

Who’s a custom web developer and how can he help you!

  • A custom web developer is like a tailor-made suit. On the surface, it looks exactly like a suit from any other store but when you get up close, you realize that it’s been made just for you.
  • A custom web developer is someone who builds a website from the ground up, as opposed to using a site builder or a ready-made template.
  • A custom web developer is a person who makes the website look & function the way it does.
  • A developer’s role is to create a “wireframe” of a website, which is a blueprint of what the website will look like and how it will function.

#6 OpenCart or Shopify developers

An eCommerce developer has a broad range of responsibilities, such as designing and developing a web or mobile application that allows merchants to process transactions, building an application that allows merchants to process transactions securely, and building an application that allows merchants to process transactions in an efficient and scalable way.

An OpenCart or a Shopify developer is responsible for developing an online store and making sure that it’s up and running 24/7.

An OpenCart developer is the one who is responsible for making changes in the OpenCart source code and adding new features to it. He is the one who is responsible for integrating OpenCart with third-party extensions and applications.

#7 Drupal developer

A Drupal web developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining Drupal websites. 

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) primarily used to build websites. 

Your Singapore Drupal web developer should be responsible for designing and developing websites based on the Drupal framework. 

A Drupal developer builds and maintains Drupal websites by working with Drupal modules and themes.


Whatever your web design requirements are, you will definitely find a suitable website developer in a Singapore web design agency.

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