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Custom Web Design Vs Website Creator Tool

What’s custom web design? And what’s the website creator tool?

We know some of you may know about these topics already but for those who don’t know, let us share some information before we continue to compare them.

Let’s start with website creator tools. As the name suggests, a website creator tool helps you to build your website in a few clicks. The website that you get through a website creator tool has a ready-made design template.

However, custom web designing is the process of developing a website based on specific requirements. In other words, if you want your website to be tailored just for your business, then you must go for a custom web design.custom web design vs web creator software

Which one is better – a custom web design or a website creator tool?

Let’s compare them to the following parameters and find out which one is better.

#1 Features

When it comes to features, a custom web design is definitely better than a website-creating tool.


A tool allows you to build your website around its own preset criteria which means you can simply drag & drop the features from its library. If your desired feature is available in its library, well and good, otherwise you may have to compromise.

When it comes to custom website design, you can hire a web developer who could help you to get your desired set of features on your website.

If you are really serious about running your online business for the long term, you must choose a custom web design over template or web creator tools.

#2 Web Design

As we already discussed above, a web creator tool comes with its own set of templates. You can choose any one of them for your website & build your website around that design only.

Yes, if you are thinking that the design which you will choose, may have been used by several other webmasters, then you are 100% right. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of having a website built through any tool.

In the case of custom web design, your web designer would create a unique web design template exclusively for your business.

Needless to mention that if you go for a custom web design, you won’t come across any website thats 100% identical to yours. Good for branding too!

#3 Lack of Responsiveness

Most of the website creator tools end up developing a website that’s either not responsive or lacks proper responsiveness.

Many of my clients had bad experiences with website builder tools because firstly they didn’t have much control over the look and feel of their websites and secondly the final outcome was not as per their expectations.

However, in the case of a custom web design, you always get what you want.

If you hire a good web design company in Singapore, you don’t even need to ask them for a responsive website. They know having a responsive website is not an option now, it’s mandatory.

Because when you hire web designers to build your website, they customize and deliver your website as per your expectations, and perhaps sometimes, more than your expectations.

#4 Conversions

As we already shared website building tools fail to deliver the websites as per your expectations, which means you get a website that you don’t like.

Now if you don’t like your website, how can your customers like it?

When your customers don’t like your website, they don’t spend much time on it and as a result, you end up with low or no conversions from your website.

The same is the case with all of our clients who used to have a static website by any website creator tool. They rarely used to get any sale or lead from their website, if any.

Talking about custom web design, if you hire an experienced web developer, he can always help you to get more sales. Yes, it’s true that a web developer can help you to get more sales and leads from your website.


An experienced web developer or designer can help you to build great landing pages that sell your products efficiently. A website developer can also include calls-to-action elements on the desired positions of your website (since he has full control) to get more sales and leads.

#5 SEO

When it comes to a website created by any online website creator tool, it always lacks SEO-friendliness. It simply means that your website is not able to get ranked in higher positions on search engines.

It could be because of a lack of SEO-friendly codes(framework), SEO-friendly URLs, or meta tags but it has been observed that most of the websites that are built on website builder tools, lack SEO.

In the case of a custom web design, since your & your web developer has full control over the framework of your website, it becomes much easier to incorporate SEO norms on the website.


Sure, website builder software can help you to get a website quickly and at a cheaper price. But it would be of no use if your website is not able to grow your business. Right?

Yes, if your goal is just to show the world that you have a webpage, then you can definitely choose a website-building tool to create your website.

But if your goal is to get more sales and leads from your website, you must go for a custom web design.

The cost to develop a custom website may be higher as compared to a website builder software, but when it comes to ROI, it’s always higher with a custom web design.