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8 Basic yet essential features you can’t miss out on your e-commerce website

An e-commerce website can help retail businesses to grow their sales & customers without any hefty investment.

We all know that. 

Developing an e-commerce website is really not a big challenge these days.

You can easily hire an affordable website developer to create an online store using any of the reliable yet cost-effective CMS platforms such as WordPress. 

But the real challenge lies in getting the business from an e-commerce website.  

Now the question is “How can I get business out of my e-commerce website?” or “What are the features that are important to get sales on any e-commerce store?“.

8 essential features your e-commerce website must have

Well, in this blog post, we have shared 8 basic yet essential features that you mustn’t miss out to have on your e-commerce website. 

Ready to explore? Let’s dive in!

#1 Simple checkout process

Did you know that the checkout process or any e-commerce website can affect its overall sales?

Yes, that’s true!

Various studies have shown that e-commerce websites with complicated or lengthy checkout processes tend to get more abandoned orders and low sales.

Therefore, you must make sure to ask for only the required information or details from your customers

In other words, keep your checkout page simple & straightforward. 

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#2 Mobile-friendly design

Various online studies show that more than 50% of online shoppers use their smart devices such as mobile phones & tablets to browse e-commerce stores.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly or responsive design, you may be missing out on a lot of customers & orders for your business. 

Don’t let this happen to you!

Hire a website developer to make your e-commerce store responsive. 

Below are 4 major reasons for you to have a responsive e-commerce store:

  • More conversions
  • Better user experience
  • Low bounce rate
  • Boost in SEO rankings

#3 Discount coupons

Grabbing sales from your e-commerce store could be sometimes challenging for you. 

You may have to attract your potential buyers in a few different ways to place their orders with you. One of the best & effective ways to attract online shoppers is to provide discount coupons. 

Yes, everybody needs a discount! Who doesn’t love it?

Therefore, you must create discount coupons on your e-commerce stores regularly and share those discount codes on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Additionally, you can also provide all your customers with a discount on their first order with you. 

#4 Live chat

Have you ever considered integrating a live chat feature into your e-commerce store?

Perhaps you may be wondering how can a live chat feature help you to get more sales. Right?

A live chat feature can help you to grow your business in several ways.

  • You can use live chat to communicate with your website users and encourage them to buy from you.
  • You can assist your users in choosing appropriate products according to their needs.
  • You can use a live chat widget on your e-commerce website to provide online support to your customers.
  • A live chat can help your website visitors to resolve the queries that they may have before buying your products.

#5 Trust seals

Why trust seals are important for e-commerce websites?

A trust seal verifies to your visitors that your website is legitimate. 

For example, if you have been using VeriSign, it simply means to the users that your website has been verified for secure transmission and your online shoppers can enter their credit card information.

Trust is very important in all businesses, not just e-commerce. Isn’t it?

When we buy any product from a seller for the first time, we need that seller to win our trust first. Perhaps this is the reason why we like to buy from the same shop or seller again and again. 

Therefore, you must insist your e-commerce developer display trust seals on the checkout page of your online store. 

Here are some of the trust seals that you can use on your e-commerce website:

  • PayPal buyer protection
  • McAfee Secure
  • Norton Secured
  • Google Trusted Store
  • SiteLock

#6 FAQ

When any online shopper enters your e-commerce website, he has to travel through the web pages of your site himself. 

There is nobody to guide him or her.

Your users may have a lot of queries & concerns related to your products, but there is nobody on the website to answer those questions. 

Here comes the FAQ section for your users’ rescue.  

Your website developer can assist you to create an FAQ section on your website where you can keep adding some of the frequently asked questions about your products along with their answers. 

Having an FAQ section on your e-commerce store can help you to grab more sales. 

#7 Quick loading time

Various studies have proved that the loading time of an e-commerce store has to do a lot with its overall sales.

In other words, websites that load quickly tend to grab more sales & customers as compared to those sites that take time to load a webpage.

Ideally, an e-commerce website should not take more than 5 seconds to load on all browsers and mobile devices.

How can you check the loading speed of your website?

You can use a free online tool such as https://pingdom.tools.com to check the loading speed of your website.

How can a website developer fix the slow loading speed of a website?

Well, there are several ways in which a developer can help you to fix the slow loading speed of your website. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Enabling the cache plugin or module on your website.
  • Minifying the CSS & JS scripts,
  • Optimizing the product images on your e-commerce store.
  • Ensuring that the theme and all the plugins on your website are up-to-date.

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#8 SEO

There is no point to have an e-commerce website that gets no traffic.

No traffic means no sales. 

One of the primary objectives to create an e-commerce website is to get more sales & customers.

SEO is perhaps one of the most effective mediums to get relevant traffic to your website.

In other words, SEO can help you to get more sales from your website. 

Although there are several activities that must be done for SEO, it all starts with the website itself.

It means that if your website is SEO-friendly, it may help you to rank on search engines quickly.

What are the important SEO elements to check on your e-commerce store?

  • Optimized yet unique meta tags for each webpage.
  • Alt tags for all the images.
  • SEO-friendly content for each webpage.
  • Optimizing the loading time of the website.
  • Interlinking among the web pages.
  • Creating sitemap.xml & robots.txt files.
  • Configuring the website with Google Webmasters.

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