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7 Reasons for you to integrate a live chat feature with your e-commerce store

Enhancing the user experience of your e-commerce website can help you to grab more sales & customers. 

Integration of a live chat feature with your e-commerce store can help you to make your website more user-friendly & intuitive. 

7 reasons to have a live chat on your e-commerce store

In this blog post, we have shared 7 major reasons for you to add a live chat widget to your online store. 

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#1 Get competitive edge

No matter which product niche you are into, if you look around and check your competitors’ websites, you will find that very few of them may be providing live chat assistance to their customers. 

So, here is your competitive advantage. 

Here you have an opportunity to make your e-commerce store stand out from the competition. To prove to your online shoppers that you are the best in providing customer service. 

It’s not like that your competitors can’t afford to hire a web developer & integrate a live chat system to their website, but it’s just that since they don’t know the benefits of this powerful tool, they never think about it. 

#2 Grab more sales

You can leverage the live chat feature on your website to get more sales by talking to your customers directly and helping them to make their buying decisions. 

It’s very much likely for the users to get confused when they see hundreds of products on your website. 

But if you can provide them assistance, with the help of a live chat feature, to choose an appropriate product according to their requirements, they will be more than happy to buy from you. 

We all know that when a customer walks-in to any retail outlet, he is entertained by some salesmen who would understand his requirements and suggest him the appropriate products. 

But in the case of an e-commerce website, there is no one to talk to the customers and ask them about their needs. 

How wonderful it would be if you can talk to your website visitors, understand their requirements, and offer them the products accordingly. 

With a live chat system, it’s possible. 

You can also provide your recommendations to your website visitors so that they can make up their mind easily. 

#3 Up-sell

Up-selling is a great way to increase the revenue of your e-commerce business. One of the best ways to up-sell your products is to use a live chat and know your customer’s needs. 

Through a live chat, you can sell more products to the same customer you are talking with. The more you talk to your online shoppers, the better you understand their requirements. 

Since you are already engaged with your customers directly, you can recommend him/her additional products that may benefit them. 

#4 Enhanced customer service

If you really want to sustain & grow your e-commerce business in the long-term, you must provide unbeatable customer services

Will you believe that there are many companies who are willing to spend thousands of dollars every month for just improving their customer services? Because they know that they can increase their revenue by providing first-class customer service.

By using a live chat with your e-commerce store, you can enhance the quality of your customer care. 

At the same time, when your potential buyers know that you are always available for them to help, they become more confident in placing their orders with you. 

#5 Get valuable feedback

Collecting valuable feedback about your products & services can help you to grow your business. With the help of the feedback that you receive from your customers, you can upgrade or modify your products and services. 

The only way to get reliable feedback from your customers is to regularly get in touch with them.

A live chat system empowers you to talk to your customers directly and know their thoughts about your products or services. 

There are many e-commerce companies that spend thousands of dollars just collecting first-hand feedback from their target audience and customers. But you don’t have to do that. 

All you need to do is ask your website developer to integrate a live chat system on your website so that you can start collecting feedback from your website visitors without spending any additional money. 

#6 Reduce bounce rate

Integrating a live chat with your e-commerce website can make it engaging & user-friendly. As a result, your visitors would like to spend more time on your website, which means that the bounce rate of your website will be reduced. 

So, you get 3 more benefits with a live chat (from the user-experience point of view):

  • Your users will spend more time on your website.
  • The bounce rate of your website will be reduced. 
  • With a reduced bounce rate, you will have higher chances of getting ranked on search engines. 

#7 Customers love it

One of the major constraints that stop users from buying on any e-commerce website is the lack of trust. If your potential buyers don’t trust your brand, they will never do business with you. 

But with the help of a live chat system on the website, you will not only gain the trust & confidence of your online shoppers, but your customers also start loving your website.

Because they know that you are always there for them to resolve their queries and listen to their concerns, they simply feel confident to buy. 

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