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7 Important things to include in your website maintenance proposal

Just like maintaining every valuable thing that you own, your website maintenance is also important for your business.

Website development is not a one-time thing. You can’t simply set it up, shut it and forget it.

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6 Major reasons to maintain your website regularly

There are many reasons for you to maintain your website regularly. Some of those important reasons are mentioned below:

  • To ensure that your website is secure and protected from different kinds of potential security threats.
  • To ensure that your users always see the updated information on your website.
  • To ensure that there are no broken links on your website.
  • To ensure that there are no functional or usability errors on your website.
  • To ensure that you always have the latest backup of your website.
  • To ensure that your website always loads optimally.

Now we hope that you are convinced that website maintenance is equally important as website maintenance. But before you hire a web developer to maintain your website, do make sure that your web maintenance package includes the below items:

#1 Updating Software

This is perhaps the most important item of your website maintenance proposal. 

Your web developer must update the core software of your website so that your website is always protected from different kinds of security threats. 

For instance, if your website has been developed using WordPress, your website developer must ensure to keep the WordPress version of your website up-to-date.

Other than updating the core software, all the plugins & themes of your website must always be updated to their latest version.  

Why you must update the core software, plugins & theme of your website?

  • To ensure the security of your website. 
  • To make sure that there are no warnings or errors displayed because of an outdated plugin. 
  • To ensure the overall performance of your website. 

#2 Database cleaning

While editing or deleting the existing contents, pages & images on the website, your database may contain a lot of unnecessary revisions that might be occupying a lot of space.

It is therefore important to clean & optimize the database of your website regularly.

The regular optimization of your database will help your website to perform efficiently and load the webpages quickly. 

Therefore, you must check that your website developer includes the regular cleaning of the database in their website maintenance plan. 

#3 Checking & fixing broken links

Since one of the major objectives of maintaining a website is to enhance the user experience of the site, broken links checking & fixing should be an integral part of any website maintenance package. 

What are the broken links?

Broken links are the links that lead to nowhere. Often, then links when clicked, show a “page not found” error. 

How do broken links occur?

It’s likely that moving forward you may want not only to add more & more pages to your website and remove some of the obsolete pages from your site too. The pages that you remove could be linked from other pages. 

So, when you delete these “linked” pages and the users click on the links on other webpages that are still redirecting to these “no more” available pages, they could see a “page not found” error. 

Why fixing broken links is so important?

Broken links on any website do not affect only user experience, but it also affects the SEO rankings of that website.  

#4 Security

The security of a website is as important as its development. 

Especially in the case of WordPress websites, you do need to take care of the security of your website. WordPress, being one of the most popular and commonly used CMS on the planet today, is also the target of hackers & spammers.

Therefore, taking care of your security should be an indispensable feature of your web maintenance plan.

How can your web developer secure your WordPress website?

  • By regularly updating all the required plugins and themes.
  • By changing the conventional URL & username of the admin area.
  • By ensuring that the WordPress core software is always up-to-date.
  • By scanning the whole website for different kinds of possible security threats.
  • By hiding the WordPress version so that the backers can not see it.
  • By restricting the access to critical files such as wp-config.php
  • By making the admin section password-protected.
  • By ensuring that all the passwords of important areas such as admin, cPanel, etc. are stronger.
  • By changing the conventional suffix of the WP database.
  • By taking regular backups of your website.

Having said above, it’s crucial for your web developer to take care of the website’s security when you hire them for your website maintenance.

#5 Regular backups

No matter how secure your website is, you still need a provision to backup your website regularly. 

In order to avoid the chaos that may arise due to any unforeseeable & unpredictable problems on your website or server, you must have a fully-functional and the latest working backup of your website.

Therefore, before you hire a web design company for your website maintenance, do make sure to add the provision of regular backups.

A website maintenance package should always have a clause to backup the website regularly. It could be every week, month or daily basis. Depending upon the frequency of changes and updates that you make on your website, you may need an appropriate plan. 

The backup of your website may include:

  • All the files & folders. 
  • Database file. 
  • Emails, if you need.  

#6 Errors fixing

It is likely that as you move forward to make changes on your website, you may experience some issues & bugs on your site. These errors may be related to the features & functionalities of your website however sometimes they may be related to the design elements such as alignment, spacing, etc. 

To fix all the errors on your website, you must have a website developer onboard.

However it may be very expensive for you to hire a full-time or part-time developer especially if you are a small business, therefore you can subscribe to a website maintenance plan with any web developer or web design agency. 

Fixing the errors on a website is essential for its seamless functioning and user experience too. 

When your users see errors & warnings on your website, they may quit immediately to never return back again. 

You can’t afford to lose your potential customers like this, isn’t it?

Therefore, you must make sure that your web developer has included “error fixing” as an integral part of your website maintenance package. 

#7 Content updating

Another important item of your website maintenance package is regular content updating. You may not like your users to view outdated information on your website. 

Especially, if it’s about your newly launched services or updated contact details, you must ensure that your users always see the updated information. 

Although most of the websites are developed using CMS such as WordPress that makes it easier for webmasters to change the content of their sites, due to the lack of time & resources, you may not be able to manage the content of your website. 

Here comes the website maintenance services for your rescue. 

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