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6 Qualities to check in your WordPress developer before you hire

WordPress is definitely a great option for small businesses to create websites cost-effectively. It’s not only about affordability, but you also get several other benefits with WordPress such as ease-of-use, security & reliability. 

WordPress designer & developer in Singapore

Additionally, WordPress developers are also available in abundance. It simply means that you can easily find & hire a WordPress developer in your budget. 

But before you engage a developer to create your website, there are few things that you must check. 

In this blog post, we have shared 6 qualities of a WordPress developer that you must check before awarding your web design project. 

Let’s dive in. 

#1 Theme customization

Did you know? A WordPress website needs a theme in order to render its design. In other words, the theme of a WordPress website has all the design components such as font styles, colors, etc. 

Why WordPress themes are so important for your website?

  • A theme makes your website attractive. 
  • A theme’s functionality can be extended easily with the help of a developer. 
  • A theme allows you to control different elements of your website such as colors, font styles, images, etc. 
  • A theme enables your website to display the design in a responsive manner (mobile-friendly).
  • An SEO-friendly theme can help your website to secure higher rankings on search engines. 

Although there are hundreds of options for you to choose a theme for your WordPress website, still you may need some changes or customizations in the design. Here comes the assistance of your developer. 

Not all WordPress developers have the expertise & experience to customize the themes. Therefore, you must check with your shortlisted developers if they know how to customize a WordPress theme. 

So, theme customization is perhaps one of the most important qualities that your WordPress should have. 

#2 Plugin customization

What’s a plugin?

A plugin is a set of executable files or codes that can be integrated with a WordPress website to enhance its features. 

There are thousands of plugins available for a WordPress website. You name the feature and you will find several plugins for it. 

Why plugin customization is required?

All the features on a WordPress website run through different plugins. 

But sometimes, your website developer may also need to customize the codes of your plugin in order to match your business requirements. 

Therefore, before you hire a WordPress builder in Singapore, do make sure that he or she is able to customize the plugins according to your requirements. 

#3 Website security

The security of a WordPress website is as important as its development in the first place. WordPress, being one of the most popular & commonly used CMS on the planet available today, can also become a victim of hackers. 

Since the hackers also know the default architecture of a WordPress website, it makes it easier for them to do all the possible attempts & crack the codes. 

What’s the solution here?

Well, there are many things that your WordPress developer could do in order to protect your website from different types of security threats, such as below:

  • Changing the conventional username and URL of the admin area of your WordPress website. 
  • Ensuring that all the passwords for different areas such as admin, FTP, and cPanel, are stronger and hard-to-guess. 
  • Installation of security plugins such as ‘All in One WP Security”.
  • Restricting the access of crucial files such as wp-config.php
  • Disallowing file editing from the admin area. 
  • Setting up a website lockdown feature.
  • Automatically log idle users out of your site.
  • Using SSL to encrypt data.
  • Changing the conventional suffix of your database. 
  • Regularly backing up your website. 

So before you hire a WordPress developer in Singapore, do make sure that he or she has the required expertise to make your website secured.

#4 Website performance

Building a website is one thing but ensuring its optimum performance is a different thing. 

The job of your WordPress developer is not just to create a website, but also to comply with all the required performance criteria. 

Below are some of the quick yet essential checkpoints that your website must comply with.

  • Optimized loading speed. 
  • Checking & fixing all the broken links. 
  • Ensuring the SEO-friendly URLs. 
  • Ensuring that all the SEO tags are in place. 
  • Compatibility with all the major browsers. 
  • Compatibility with different kinds of smart devices (responsiveness). 

#5 Website support

How good is your web developer’s support? 

Do they respond to your queries & concerns even after completing your website development? Or they’ve just disappeared.

It’s likely that you may need the assistance of your web developer even after launching your website. But if your developer doesn’t respond to your concerns, you could be in a problem.

Before you hire a WordPress developer, do make sure that he or she provides you with free support for at least a few weeks or months after launching your website. 

How you can check the support of your WordPress developer?

You can check with their existing or previous clients about the quality of support of your developer.

At Innomedia, we provide free 3-months support to all of our clients. During the warranty/support period, we help them to fix all kinds of bugs.  

#6 Website maintenance

The maintenance of a website is as important as its development in the first place. 

You can’t set your website up, shut it and forget it. Like all the valuable items that you maintain, you need to take care of your website maintenance too. 

You may not be able to maintain your website yourself because of lack of time and resources. So, you may opt for hiring your WordPress developer to maintain your website regularly.

Therefore, you need to check with your website builder if he or she is available to maintain your website or not. 

What are the important things that your website developer must take care of under your website maintenance?

  • Updating all the required plugins & themes of your WordPress website. 
  • Ensuring that there are no broken links on your site. 
  • Optimizing the loading speed of your website. 
  • Updating the website with fresh content and removing all the obsolete information. 
  • Ensuring that all the forms on your website are working in order.  

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