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5 Common WordPress errors and how you or your web developer can fix them

WordPress is really one of the most efficient yet cost-effective CMS platforms available on the planet today to create a website. 

It’s widely used & preferred for developing all kinds of websites. 

But do you know that maintaining a WordPress website can also turn into a nightmare if not managed properly?

Have you ever faced some errors & bugs on your WordPress website without even doing any significant changes? You may certainly have. 

wordpress errors website developers singapore

Nothing happens by chance in website development. The same is the case with all WordPress websites that have errors & bugs. 

Every action has a reaction. 

If your WordPress website is showing errors, there could definitely be some major changes that have happened behind the scene. 

But how to locate and fix those issues?

Well, in this blog post, we have shared the 5 most common WordPress errors that can happen on your website along with their solutions. 

Let’s dive in. 

#1 Parse Error/Syntax Error

If you have been running a WordPress website for quite a long time, you must have seen this kind of error on your site. 

What does this error say?

Well, as the error message says itself, there could be some code syntax error on your website due to which the PHP parser cannot interpret the code and stops working.

Now locating the file and the code with the error is pretty easy in this case because it generally shows the exact page name along with the line number of the codes (as shown below). 

Parse Error Syntax Error WordPress website development

How to fix this error? 

Usually, this error will also show what’s missing or what’s expected in order to fix the code. So, if you have basic FTP/cPanel management knowledge, you can easily download the file in question, resolve the suggested issue and upload the file back to the server. 

But if you are unable to fix it, you can consider hiring a professional WordPress developer who can assist you to fix this issue in as quickly as a few hours. 

And if you have already subscribed to a website maintenance plan with any developer or web design company in Singapore, then you don’t have to worry about it. Your developer will help you to fix this error without charging you anything. 

#2 Internal Server Error

This error may disrupt the inner pages of your WordPress website. In other words, only the homepage of your website will work and if you click on any of the other web pages, they may show the error “Internal Server Error”.

Internal Server Error WordPress website development

There could be 2 possible reasons that caused the “Internal Server Error” error on your WordPress website:

  • The .htaccess file of your website could be corrupted. 
  • Your site has reached its memory limit. 

In order to increase the memory limit of your website, you may need the assistance of your web hosting provider. Once they increase the memory limit on your server, this error should disappear. 

However, if the issue is in your .htaccess file, you may log in to your WordPress backend and go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. On the ‘Permalinks’ page, you don’t need to make any changes here. Just click on Save Changes to generate a new .htaccess file. This should resolve the issue.

#3 White Screen of Death (WSOD)

Have you ever experienced your WordPress website showing a blank white screen? If you have been running a WordPress website already for some time, you probably know what we are talking about. 

The White Screen of Death (WSOD) error could be annoying for webmasters because it doesn’t show anything on the screen. In other words, it doesn’t give any hint about the cause of the error. 

There could be several reasons for WSOD and therefore, there are several methods to troubleshoot as well. 

Below are the different methods that can help you to resolve the error of WSOD on your WordPress website:

  • Raising memory limit: You can also ask your hosting company to raise the memory limit for your server which should resolve the error of WSOD in most cases. 
  • Disabling your plugins: Usually, WSOD is caused by a faulty plugin. So, if your website gets back again after disabling all the plugins, you need to identify and fix the faulty plugin. After disabling all the plugins, you can enable them one by one and see which plugin causes the WSOD error. 
  • Disable your theme: Similar to the plugin, you can also try to disable your theme and enabled any of the default themes just to check if there is some issue with your theme.

#4 Error Establishing a Database Connection

This error usually happens in the case of new websites or recently redesigned websites. As the error message suggests itself that when your WordPress website is not able to establish the connection with our database properly, then your website may show an error “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.

error establishing a database connection

How to resolve this issue?

You need to access the “wp-config.php” file that’s located at the root of your server. And then make sure that the following credentials are provided correctly:

  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password

Once you make the required changes and upload the file back to the server, your website should stop showing the error of database connectivity. 

#5 Unable to upload images

Sometimes your WordPress website may not allow you to upload the images. Apparently, you may see an error while uploading an image that looks something like below:

unable to upload image wordpress website development

Most of the time, this error could be because of the insufficient permissions given to the ‘uploads’ folder due to which it doesn’t accept the images that you are trying to upload.

How to resolve this issue. 

#1 First you have to access the ‘uploads’ folder via FTP. this folder is located in ‘wp-content’. 

#2 Right-click the ‘uploads’ folder and select “File permissions”

#3 Make sure that the permission set is 755

#4 Try to upload the images. You should be able to upload it now.

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