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Why So Many Businesses Are Getting Facebook Marketing Wrong

Even though most of the businesses are aware of the powerful impact of Facebook marketing to grow their company,still most of them are getting it wrong.You may assume that these businesses fail to do well in Facebook marketing because they don’t actually know how to use it for their businesses.Well that could be the case,but you will be surprised to know that there are many businesses or individuals who have all required knowledge to use best practices for Facebook marketing but still they fail.Surprised?


Below we have listed several reasons of failure of many businesses to get Facebook marketing correctly.

#1 Lack of Belief

Most of the businesses are not even convinced that Facebook marketing can bring great results for their businesses and therefore they don’t even care about investing their time & resources in it.As a result,they don’t do well at Facebook Marketing and just end up with having a dormant Facebook account having few likes and old posts.

#2 Lack of Understanding

Many businesses possess little or no understanding about the working of Facebook marketing and they tend to think that merely creating a Facebook account and showing icons with Facebook links on their website would do the wonders for them.

#3 Lack of Clear Goals

Without any precise goal,posting random stuff on Facebook page is just a waste of time & money.An ideal Facebook marketing plan must have a definite goal and should be measured periodically towards the achievement of same.

#4 Lack of Patience

Getting results from Facebook marketing should be a long-term strategy.One must have patience and wait to see the results because it takes careful planning and long-term commitment.In other words,Facebook marketing should be considered as an integral part of any business marketing plan and should actively run on a on a continual basis just like any other activity.

#5 Lack of Followers

Having good amount of followers on a Business Page is the backbone of any Facebook marketing plan.Unless a business page has a good amount of likes,it can’t receive optimum rate of engagement and as a result,Facebook marketing can’t be successful.

#6 Lack of Strategy

Many still think that pushing their products and services to upload on Facebook would generate sales for them but conversely it can affect the credibility of their business.The posting process on a Facebook page must be  strategized well even before you send out the first post.