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Why Should You Invest in Facebook Advertising

Most of the businesses who’ve tried Facebook advertising without any luck haven’t got much to say good about it because they either didn’t do it well or they thought it to be a plug-and-play sort of advertising model. If you too think that Facebook advertising doesn’t work, think again!


In this blog, we are going to share a few differentiating factors of Facebook over other mediums of advertising which clearly shows that ‘Facebook marketing/advertising can work for your business.

Differentiating Factors

Facebook advertising has several differentiating factors when compared to other mediums of online advertising which definitely can’t be underestimated.


With over 1.23 billion monthly active users (as on Jan 29, 2014), one can’t underestimate the potential of advertising on such a giant platform.

Targeted Audience

Since Facebook captures all the necessary details about its users, advertisers get a golden opportunity to choose their target audience and promote their brand among them.

Pixel Tracking

To measure the success of any online marketing campaign, it’s important to track the visits and conversions and so is the case with Facebook advertising too. Fortunately, with the Facebook pixel tracking mechanism, you can install a short code of script on your desired landing pages and measure the performance of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Low Cost of Advertising

If we compare Facebook with other mediums of online advertising, the cost to advertise on Facebook is definitely lower. Apparently, the cost per conversion is also lower in the case of Facebook.