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The pros and cons of a Facebook login on eCommerce sites

When you browse through the web, you will come across plenty of websites that ask you for your Facebook credentials to access the pages, especially eCommerce websites.

Web publishers and content sites use the Facebook profile of users in order to promote their brands and expand their client base. There are many eCommerce sites too that make use of Facebook logins to promote their brands in a better way.


A study conducted in the year 2012 by Sociable Labs found that only 30 of the top 500 eCommerce websites make use of Facebook logins. This in other words explains that the majority of the eCommerce portals feel that they are better off without the use of Social media logins.

However, you should understand that this does not indicate that Social media platforms like Facebook have no significant role in driving eCommerce business. A recent infographic published last year explains that 40% of consumers prefer to use their Facebook credentials to access eCommerce platforms. Most importantly, there are lots of plugins available free of cost in order to integrate Facebook login with your eCommerce web design.

So here are some of the pros and cons of using Facebook login on eCommerce sites which will help you make a decision regarding the use of it in your eCommerce portals.


Single password to access multiple services

When you allow a user to enter one password to access multiple services, it will definitely enhance the user experience. Instead of forcing the users to remember multiple passwords, the provision of making use of Facebook credentials to log in to the eCommerce portal will make things easy for the users.

Will increase familiarity

If your eCommerce portal is not widely popular around the globe, the use of the Facebook login option will help users to familiarize themselves with the page easily. The users might not have heard the name of the eCommerce portals earlier but they would have definitely seen plenty of websites providing Facebook login options.

Reduces the number of dropouts

When you ask the users to register on your website by entering their personal information before they are provided with access to the portal or the option to use your services, not everyone will go through the pain of entering all details. Many of them will just exit instead of creating a new user account. However, if you allow users to enter their Facebook credentials, they will be able to complete the process easily which will in turn reduce the number of dropouts.

Easy sharing options

When users log in to the eCommerce portal using their Facebook accounts, it will provide them with the option of sharing details related to the user experience. It will work effectively in promoting your brand name among a large section of the audience.

Access to demographics and interests

When you allow users to access the eCommerce portal using their Facebook credentials, you will be provided with access to their Facebook profiles. The profiles will contain a lot of demographic data as well as important info related to their likes and interests. This will hence help you in providing better services to the people. It really helps a lot in your Facebook marketing as well.


Authenticity of data

Not everyone enters accurate information on their Facebook profiles. You might be granting access to your website to people who might not even be including their true identity on their Facebook profiles. The authenticity of the data that you collect cannot be confirmed as well.

Loss of control

Facebook has millions of users and any glitches that their servers face will reflect on the user experience provided in case you allow people to use the credentials to access your eCommerce portal. A change in policy that might be placed by Facebook that would change the way users use their profiles might also adversely affect your business.

Does not suit every user

Not every Facebook user would prefer using the credentials to access third-party websites. If you implement the option of using only Facebook credentials to use the eCommerce portals, you might not be able to attract users who prefer not to share their social media data.

People absent from social media platforms

Not everyone in the world using the internet have a Facebook profile. This again is a drawback when you use Facebook logins on eCommerce platforms.

Promoting Facebook instead of your brand

Using Facebook login options on your eCommerce portal will give the social media platform an upper hand over your brand name and logo. This might look fine initially but you might want to reconsider after a while.