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How Facebook Marketing Can Do Wonders for Your Ecommerce Website

With more than 1.5 Billion(continuously increasing) registered users,Facebook has become undoubtedly one of the strongest social networking platforms.Its huge database is definitely mouth-watering for every marketer including ecommerce merchants.Having an ecommerce website alone doesn’t guarantee success & revenue for any company,there must be good amount of traffic on your ecommerce website to accelerate the business.


In this blog post,we have shared few tips which you can follow to incorporate the power of Facebook marketing with your ecommerce website.

#1 Catchy yet brief content

Content is King in almost every online marketing medium.This is true for Facebook as well.Yes,the more catchy content you post on your Facebook page,the better engagement you will notice.Unlike blogs and articles,where you can post writeups of 1000 words or even more,you need to use brief messages in order to attract the Facebook users.These messages could be in form of short points,graphics etc.While posting content on your Facebook page for your ecommerce website,you need to make sure that you don’t post everytime about your products.Try to be informative and write about general topics.In most of the cases 80:20 ratio works well.So if you post 80% of the generic posts,you can post 20% about your products posts.

#2 Use contests,deals and special offers

To get more business from Facebook,you will have to do what Facebook users like.Posting contests,deals and special offers regularly grabs the attention of users and they tend to follow them to know more and use them.

#3 Online store optimization for Facebook engagement

In order to optimize your online store for Facebook engagement,you may adapt various methods like offering singup via Facebook,displaying social media sharing widgets on products and other important pages.Other than these options,you may also add Facebook comment module on every product page so that the users can login with their Facebook account and post comments.These comments then will be visible on their Facebook profile as well.As a result,the product pages on your online store will receive good amount of traffic from Facebook.

#4 Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is among the best mediums of promoting an ecommerce website.The reason is simple.Facebook has huge database of registered users especially with an option to filter them on the basis of their age,behaviour,location,like/dislikes, recent activity, pages liked and dozens of other criteria.It would be wise to start with a minimum budget and increase it gradually based on the conversions that you receive from your ecommerce website.

#5 Use Facebook as your customer support board 

A better way to integrate Facebook with your ecommerce website would be to allow users to post products feedback,suggestions and problems on you Facebook page in order to enhance the engagement.But do make sure to respond to the messages of your users promptly in order to build trust & credibility among them.