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Benefits of Facebook Remarketing

What is Remarketing

Through Remarketing,you can advertise to the users who already visited your webpage & once showed interest in your products or services.Facebook enables you to group the different users in their respective segment and show them your custom ads based on their status.

For eg. if you have an ecommerce website and the users had quit your website from the product page only,you can group those users and show different ads.On the other hand,few users abandoned the checkout process just before the payment page,you can put them in a different segment and show different ads to them.


When the users who never completed any action/purchase on your website,see your ads again and again,it is likely that they make up their mind to buy from you.

Why Remarketing with Facebook

In this blog post, we are going to share 4 major benefits of Facebook Remarketing.

#1 Remarketing Cost


If we compare Facebook Remarketing cost with other search engines,Facebook usually has a lower cost per click.The reason is simple:Facebook targeting is less relevant as compared to search engines.In case of search engines,users are looking for some products or services and they perform search query to find out the best solution however in case of Facebook,uses aren’t actually looking for any products but they tend to click the ad and view the details if the ad & landing page content is presented in a nice way.

Coming back to the cost,yes, definitely Facebook remarketing cost is quite affordable.

#2 Branding


Since the user who visited your website once and didn’t perform any action will see your ads again and again,they get familiar with your brand.Facebook Remarketing helps you to promote your brand at such a lower cost that you would not like to miss this opportunity.When the other advertising mediums like TV,Radio,Magazines,Billboards etc. charge you hefty amount to promote your brand,Facebook marketing seems to be an affordable yet effective source of advertising.

#3 More Conversions


Facebook Remarketing enables you to categorize the users based on their behaviour or action they performed on your website,you can show them your ads often and there are high chances that they will buy your products or services.Therefore,adding remarketing will definitely improve your conversion rate.

#4 Vast Market Reach


Facebook enables you not only to have targeted users categorized through remarketing method,but it also enables you to create lookalike audience of your segmented users and thereby increasing the market reach.Firstly,you can list the users in custom audience feature of Facebook based on the users behaviour on your website and after that you can leverage those lists to create lookalike audience.The advantage of using lookalike audiences is that you’ll reach relevant potential customers who might be interested in your product or service and ultimately convert as well.

Based on our own experience,we can tell you that we’ve used Facebook Remarketing with our clients as well as our own company’s campaigns and got to see remarkable difference.